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So I went into an Orvis store for the first time yesterday

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    So I went into an Orvis store for the first time yesterday

    So I went into an Orvis store for the first time yesterday. I've been looking for a pair of fingerless wool gloves, and I happened to see that they had some on their website. I've got to say, I love that place. It's like an Eddie Bauer for people that actually do outdoor sports (mostly hunting and fishing) rather than just look like it.

    Their gear is expensive, but it's incredibly well made. the construction is impeccable and it's all specialty gear so it's full of thoughtful little extras. For instance, I saw a sales associate helping an old man pick out a hunting jacket. It included a couple of straps on the inside that looked like suspenders looping from the inside collar under the arms. Apparently it's for when you get too warm to wear the jacket. You can take it off and slide your arms through the loops so that the jacket will drape over your shoulders, but you can still move around freely without worrying about it falling off you back.

    The store is full of stuff like that. They make their own stuff in addition to carrying top brands like Barbour and Macintosh. I could see BenR going crazy (and broke) in there. All in all, I was very impressed. Too bad it's so expensive. It's in the very nicest part of town, though, so I'm not particularly surprised. I may still be getting some Barbour fingerless gloves, though.


    There is one near me and I've always wanted to check it out but the pricing has been my main deterrent.

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      i've gotten a couple things from their clearance section (including a pretty awesome pair of frye chukkas for 125).

      stuff is well-made. actually am wearing a nice black crew sweatshirt that's super warm today.



        I like Orvis. I wish the one near me was a full Orvis store - it's more of a fly-fishing specialty shop. They don't really carry anything by way of clothing.

        Just took a peek at their website. I feel horrible but I really like this:

        I would feel terrible every time I wore it, though. CULTURAL APPROPRIATION.

        Though... I also just noticed the shell is polyester fleece, and not wool. That dampens my love a little bit.