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    Theory Suit fit

    Hello gentlemen,

    Has anyone out there had any experience with Theory suits? I recently bought my first Theory suit and love the fit. I am a 6'1" 200pd athletic build. I bought it from Saks of 5th with the help of the saleman and i decided to go with my usual 42r suit size. It did fit a bit snug but the saleman (that seemed to know what he was talking about and had good style) said these suits were meant for tall slender men like myself and should fit snug. I thought it looked great. I took the suit to my seamstress which does great work (but this is the first slim fit suit I've taken her, she does alot of work for the local Brooks brothers), and after she altered the suit to my liking she said she felt that the suit jacket was to small that there was a very small pull in the chest.She recommended I go up a size. I decided to stick with the 42r instead of going up to the 44r.

    My question is with The Theory suits should there be a very light pull in the chest? Or should I have gone up one size? I'm under the understanding these ultra slim suits should fit as described.



    I have two Theory suits and ran into the same issue with both. I bought them a couple of years ago before I fully understood how a jacket should fit. I got my normal size (40R, 30 waist) and the tailor couldn't figure out how to get the jacket right. The shoulders fit perfectly but the chest was snug making it hard for him to bring the sides in without the chest sticking out. After 3 visits, I was left with a $100 tailor bill and a jacket with, when buttoned, protruding lapels and lines in the back from stretched fabric. Needless to say, I no longer use that tailor. I haven't tried Theory since then, mainly because I am married and can't afford them, but it sounds like their fit hasn't changed much. But a friend of mine, 6'1" 200, had a really good experience with Theory, so I don't know.

    I do love their pants though. They fit me better than anything else I have tried.



      If you size up, won't that mean the shoulders no longer fit properly?



        I guess that was my point in the story. Normally if the shoulders fit, everything else can be taken care of by the tailor but something was off with Theory. Sizing up doesn't help, just creates problems elsewhere.



          Well, remember that to a certain extent, fit is subjective.

          The salesman seems to know his stuff, unlike the clowns at Men's Wearhouse. Those idiots had me going up 3 sizes.

          I'm guessing the pull on the chest is just the slim fit. If it fits you well on the shoulders and tapers a bit at the sides, and it's not "Tom Ford tight" ( it sounds like it's totally acceptable.

          Your tailor's opinion seems to differ from the salesman, that's all. My Dad has a different idea of how a suit should fit than I do, which is really just the same principle in action. And I almost always have to convince my tailor for the garments to fit more snug.



            What the hell, Tom Ford. That suit jacket fits horribly.