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    Help me find my first suit

    Hey guys. I'm graduating from college in the Chicago suburbs this year and moving into the "real world" so I'm starting to think about getting my first real suit. The only other suit I've ever owned is a catastrophe I got for high school prom. I don't need anything until I start going to interviews in the spring so I am definitely planning to wait for a sale on a recommended brand.

    I'm planning to stay under 200$. Under 150$ would be awesome considering how long I will be able to wait for a sale.

    I don't know my measurements, but I am 6'0", 150lbs, skinny. Generally a 31*32 in jeans. Usually a 16 32 in shirts. What is the best way to go about finding my best measurements?

    I'm thinking grey will be a good choice since I will probably only have one suit for awhile and it can fit in most occasions.

    I was also wondering about a 3-piece. I currently have a thrifted waistcoat and that look works well with my body type. If I could find a suit that I could wear with either the waistcoat, the jacket, or both that would be ideal. Is that even possible?

    I'm not sure where to begin or what to look for. Where do I start? Any suggestions for finding my size and brands/stores I should be looking at?


    Before we get into the topic of which suit...

    How loose are your neck collars when you're wearing your 16/32 shirts? And where do your cuffs fall? I only ask because a 6'0" person usually has longer than 32" arms and a 150lb person with a 31/32 waist usually has smaller than a 16" neck. If you're sure that your measurements are right then you're going to know better than I will. However, you may want to let a professional take those measurements for you if you haven't done it recently.



      ^Do that, Luke.

      Also, save up for a $200 suit. $150 is gonna make it really hard to get a serviceable suit but around $200-220 you can get a good one.



        I'm not entirely sure on them. A lady at Nordstrom offered to measure me once and those are what she told me, but most of my shirts are from lines that run S/M/L rather than exact measurements. Looking through my closet, most of my shirts are a 15-15.5 neck and I wouldn't say any of them are tight. Arms are always a problem for me, I don't have any shirts that I feel have long enough arms so my length is probably longer. I always end up compromising sleeve length to get something that fits a little more closely than a garbage bag.

        I'll try to get measured again sometime soon.



          Luke, congratulations on making it through university! Most adult shirts are sized with inch measurements so that you get as close to a perfect fit as possible. I recommend getting measured again. For reference, I'm a good fifteen pounds heavier than you and an inch or two shorter and my size is 15.5" x 34".



            And while you're at it, have them measure your chest. That's the key metric that will let you know which suit you should be looking at. And judging by your height, you will either be an "R" or an "L", but I'm thinking you'll be an "R".



              @Luke To get your best meausrements, head to a local tailor. They shouldn't charge you and if they do don't pay more than $5.

              As for suits, under $200 is gonna be hard. I honestly don't know where you're gonna get that. I would save up about $100 more dollars and watch out for a sale at Macy's and get the Bar III slim fit for about $250 or a J Crew Factory sale and get the Thompson fit for around $280.

              Since this will be your only suit for a while, I would go with a navy. More versatile than a grey. Also, consider saving and splurging on an even nicer suit with some of that graduation money. I recommend the BR Tailored Fit. Best suit for the price (when 40% off) right now if you ask me.

              "One man's style must not be the rule of another's." - Jane Austen



                He'll be a R, not an L.

                Definitely agree with SDot to go navy over grey, unless by grey you mean charcoal. That's a good, conservative color as well.

                Go with J Crew Factory during their next 30% sale!!! I don't own the pants (although I hear they need some minor alterations to fit better), but I wear the suit jacket as a dressy blazer all the time and its very good for the price.

                Also, for reference, 15"-15.5" means 15.5"



                  Macy's is going to have wool 3-piece suits on sale for $200 on Black Friday, but I can't speak for them.



                    @Alan - If they're Bar III, they're good quality, especially for $200. That would be an absolute steal.




                      Something outside of what everyone has suggested in terms of getting your measurements, etc. I would highly recommend taking an afternoon to go to Macy's, Nordstroms, BR, Express, J. Crew, etc to go try on suits so you will have an idea what your size is in a specific suit and which suits you like then you can wait for a sale.

                      I recently did this and it really helped to know which direction was up.

                      A couple rules to follow if you can... Slim/Tailored fit, Flat front pants, Two-button, Wool, High armholes, and limited shoulder padding.



                        @Luke, I'm about the same size as you (5'11", 145 pounds, 29 inch waist). 16 inch dress shirts are likely too large for you.

                        For first first, I suggest Macy's. Calvin Klein Slim Fit, Bar III, Tommy H slim fit are all good brands for a first suit. The Bar III line in particular is a good option. I own two suits from the line. The brand is a step above in terms of quality compared to Tommy H and Calvin Klein.



                          @BJ: I believe they're Calvin Klein. It's mentioned in their leaked Black Friday ad.