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    last minute interview

    hey fellas, so i just found out i have an interview this friday(!). i have a decently fitting alfani suit from macys (dark navy with subtle, hardly noticeable blue pinstripe). this suit will do - i bought this and another charcoal suit that needs the pants hemmed during one of macy's black friday sales a couple of years back. i don't wear suits often enough to go shop for a new one but i suppose i should look into getting a new, better fitting one eventually.

    anyhow, i need a white shirt and tie. i have a white merona dress shirt but it fits pretty bad - very baggy in the torso and sleeves. any recommendations?? i would love to get a CT shirt but don't have enough time for the shipping.

    also, i plan on wearing burgundy cole haan cap toes.

    thanks in advance.


    Unless it super baggy in the chest, don't take off your suit jacket and you'll be fine! good luck!



      To ease your panic: don't take off the jacket. Problem solved.



        Ditto on both counts. Leave the jacket on and you'll be fine.



          Now you can order your CT shirt unencumbered!



            It would be kind of weird to take your jacket off in the middle of an interview, anyway....

            I agree with everyone else. Just live with the baggy shirt now. You can upgrade or tailor later. It won't matter for a formal interview.




              ah, good call with keeping the jacket on. any recommendations for ties?



                As for ties... Any dark silk tie should work fine. Stick with dark, possibly muted colors and avoid busy patterns. if you don't own such a tie, Marshalls has tons of cheapies.



                  Put This On did a great series on ties a while ago:


                  Start at the bottom of the feed and work your way up. Be sure to check Part III: Starting Your Basics and Part IV: Expanding Your Collection.



                    I thrifted the perfect interview necktie a while ago, but I sold it. I really should have kept it.

                    It was this, in red:

                    It's not really subtle, but it makes a point.



                      If the shirt is making you self conscious, you can easily walk into a few Tailors shops this week and find one that will quickly slim the body and sleeve (all they do is flip it inside out and sew it slimmer, most of the time, which only takes 10 minutes of actual work). Shouldn't cost you more than $15, sometimes $10, and you should be able to find one who can get it back to you in a few hours or 1 day max.

                      Long run you're better getting some shirts that fit right, but $10-15 is worth the confidence boost if you need it.



                        that putthison article was helpful - thanks fred.

                        i plan on hitting up marshall's - thanks alan!

                        dapperedcpa - i'm in new york and we have that freak storm coming through right now so that tailoring will have to wait



                          If you're in or around NYC, definitely check out Century 21 for ties (& shirts).


                          They have a great selection of heavily discounted ties including everything from Tom Ford and Brioni down to no-name brands. If you're not in the city, NM Last Call is my favorite spot for discounted ties. There's always the Tie Bar too, but with this storm you aren't gonna be able to count on it coming by Friday.

                          (Actually I guess you aren't in the city, or you could just go to one of the CT stores in midtown for the shirt.)