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Winter headwear?

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    Winter headwear?

    I need some inspiration for winter headwear, I don't know what to go with. My head shape is uhm... kind of like an egg so I don't really look too well in classical, plain winter caps.


    I have this one ( in 4 colourways, including this one, dark blue, green and beige. They are very comfortable, warm and have a great outdoorish feel. These kind of hats are also available at H&M, Zara and stuff in plain dark blue and black of course.



      Can you pull his off? :

      Maybe this one?

      I tend to not wear them myself, so not sure on that one.

      I like this look, personally:

      What do you mean by 'classical, plain winter caps'? This? (George Clooney in 'The American'):



        Well, that's sort of what I meant but without those uhm... rolled up thing. You know? I'm not full-english so I have no ide ahow to describe this. lol

        A beanie without those rollups - a plain piece of clothing wrapped around your head from below your ears. I don't look good in those because they stress how eggish my head is. It's not tragical but still. I'm gonna try out a few beanies and see if it looks good.



          Not sure what you mean by "eggish." Do you just have a really big head? Or is it shaped weirdly?

          You might want to try out a chunky, cable-knit cap like this:

          The texture and "chunkiness" of the hat might can help to mitigate an unusual head shape. The flip-up bit at the bottom can also help to visually break up your head shape a little, which can also normalize things a bit.




            As far as knit caps that don't have to be rolled up:

            but I hesitate on toques because unless they're short, they're just going to make your head look longer.

            Maybe a flat cap, but perhaps with more structure? The brim should help detract from your eggyness. You could find one that is cut to cover your ears as well.



              You can't go wrong with a Stormy Kromer in the winter months. I think they look pretty good and they do a great job of keeping your head warm too.




                I have a lot of them, but I found myself generally rocking this one -

                And this one -

                The 2nd one is ridiculously comfortable, the actual hat itself is made by New Era but I've never been able to find a plain one that his this thick soft knit. The A.G. guys told me it was specially made for them. But even so, the bear is a pretty dope play on the Polo bear. The first one just has a good fit and is simple, but still a little different with the heathering on it, and at $18 you can't lose.