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Tacky or not? Faking a 1.5-breasted

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    Tacky or not? Faking a 1.5-breasted

    Say you've got a boxy sport jacket, but the shoulders fit well.

    Hug it in tighter, move the buttons laterally to correspond, and it's now a trimmer silhouette. The overlap is now somewhere between single-breasted and double-breasted. (Ooh trendy!)

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how tacky would this be? (10 being most tacky)

    Before anyone says "Duh, just tailor it", yes I acknowledge that, I'm more curious about thoughts on moving buttons.

    Also consider, 1 inch of button movement is likely less jarring than 3 inches, and dark fabric and low-contrast buttons might reduce the asymmetry aspect.


    Heh, you may find that you will either get scrunching / bunching, or the bottom won't be flush when you button it. But, I don't think you're completely insane. Try pinning it in place based how you envision buttoning it up. Take pics with it on and post!

    My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



      This reminds me of a lady I saw to tailor a blazer. I told her it was too boxy and didn't fit me. Her solution was to move the button further into the jacket.



        @YackoYak, those are great things to consider as well. I think the scrunching/bunching might be diminished on a heftier fabric, and by moderating the movement distance. Bottom-flush issues probably depend alot on shape of the body and contouring of the jacket; definitely a risk. And hey, always a welcome thought to hear that I'm not insane!

        @jose_jackson, so, did she go through with the change, or was it just a suggestion that you rejected? Interested in more details, if there are any.

        Thanks for the input.



          I don't think it will work as well as hoped. I had a jacket that was too big, and of course pull one side over to see what it will look like taken in at the sides, but the way the bottom of the jacket overlaps looks weird. probably better to have it taken in



            @Ben, Yep I think that could definitely happen in many cases, depending. With the jacket I looked at, it seemed ok.

            Ok maybe I'll modify the question a bit. Let's distill the overall aesthetic from the technicalities of scrunching/lined-up-hems/etc. (Which might be a nonsensical idea in the context of clothing!)

            If this jacket was scrunch-free with a lined-up hem, and everything basically kosher except for the increased overlap, how does that aesthetic strike you?



              If the jacket was originally boxy and traditional, then a nontraditional asymmetrical aesthetic isn't going to work because it won't be cohesive. The shoulders/arms will be too loose, too paded; the lapels will be too wide; etc.

              Beyond that, things are going to look off due to the way the jacket is cut. The bottom isn't going to be straight, the pockets are going to be in the wrong place and tilted, etc. If you are only taking in a small amount the operation is pointless, if you are taking in a large amount then you'll throw off the lines.



                @AL_VA No, I didn't pay that person. And to be honest, I probably would have tried her if not for that comment.



                  No intention to call this an "endorsement", but I was amused to see this (single-breasted with exaggerated button movement) pictured in a recent WSJ article.

                  "The Sapeurs of Congo are the world's unlikeliest fashionistas, ordinary workingmen whose inspired style helps them survive in a country torn by civil war."


                  (Hey, maybe they cropped the bottom hem out of the image for a reason!)

                  Either way, an interesting read.