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Attending a runway-centric party (stealing the look)

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    Attending a runway-centric party (stealing the look)

    I've been invited to an upcoming party with hundreds of people where we're supposed to dress for the runway, but so many runway looks are so far out there. It's in 2 weeks, and I was thinking of going with this look:

    Most of this guy's collection isn't too far-fecthed, though. Lots of other possible looks here. Anyways, this is what I have and what I need.


    Corduroy suit (one in tan and one in dark brown)

    Shoes (have loafers, but may opt for AE Bayfield cap-toe dress boots)

    Blue/grey shirt (open to suggestion, though)


    Knit gloves

    Knit hat

    Casual tie

    I just order a corded suit (actually, two of them), from Jos. A Bank yesterday. They came out to $50 each. I'm sure plenty of people have their opinions of Jos. A Bank, but this is corduroy, not cashmere. Plus I figure I can mix and match the jackets and pants into a bunch of other looks that I can wear all the time since it's a casual material.

    So that's where I stand. My suit won't be as sleek and form-fitting as the model above, but his is really TOO tight. I'll want to be able to wear my corded suit in public after the party is over, too. Anyways, does anybody know where to find the stuff I'm missing? Or maybe you see another look that isn't too hard to pull off?


    You can find the knit hat and gloves at Target. They have some casual ties as well, including at least one wool/silk blend tie in a purple plaid - though nothing quite similar to what you've posted.

    "Dressing for the runway" is a pretty weird theme. Or rather, I feel like it's not a theme at all. It could be anything.




      Yeah, I agree. There are tons of runways with tons of themes. But this party will include an ACTUAL runway with ACTUAL fashion show (again, don't know the theme) and they want the guests to try and dress up, too. I just picked something that wouldn't be too dissimilar from something I would otherwise wear (albeit maybe not all at once) so I'm not wasting money on stuff I'll only wear once.

      ... and I'll check out Target's website.



        I don't see a lot of their fingerless gloves on their website. I remember seeing quite a few colors of fingerless gloves in-store the other day.




          While the shirt I have may work, the one in the picture looks like either denim or chambray. I found this for pretty cheap at Old Navy. Not too excited about the "traditional fit", but it would be under a jacket the whole time:

          Just navigate over to the "dark chambray" color.



            Ok, Ben. I've got a target location right by my office so I'll check it out tomorrow on my lunch break.



              I know you said Target has knit hats, but are they cable knit? I found this one at the GAP for $25. They don't have cream, but grey and navy would both still go with the tan suit:


              And speaking of which, these are the corduroy suits I picked up from Job. A Bank. I got tan and dark brown. They should arrive around Wednesday.


              I'm keeping the tan, regardless, but may switch out the brown suit for olive. It all depends on how it strikes me once it comes in.



                Thoughts on this knit fingerless gloves? I like the burgundy. Everyone else carries treys, browns, and tans, but this is the only burgundy I've seen.




                  The suit sounds good to me.

                  You can't normalize the look of that runway model a bit, though? Like leather gloves, no hat, etc.?



                    Alan, it looks like we're going to the same party. Haha. I have no idea what I'm going to wear.



                      @Cannon: If I "normalize" it then it really won't be "runway" anymore. It's kind of like a costume. It's meant to be a little unusual.

                      @robwellman: Yeah, I don't know. All I can say is good luck.



                        @robwellman: Do you mean you're going to a similar party or do you mean you think you're going to the SAME party? Is the one you're talking about hosted by SMU Cox PMBA's?



                          Well, I was just referring to this kind of runway, which is more normal, but still runway.



                            Pfff you're cheating with the RTW stuff.

                            Somebody better show up in that.



                              @alan same party. I'm in the SMU PMBA program as well. I'm actually on SAB, but I had nothing to do with the theme.