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    Massif Collection

    A couple days ago NYT fashion did a piece on Massif, a company that's designed flame resistant uniforms for combat troops and CIA operatives. They're now getting into clothes for "regular guys" and they've got a pretty interesting fall collection.

    Here's the article:

    Here's the site:

    They are also WILDLY expensive. I'm just going to say it's goddamned absurd. But the stuff looks really nice, some great designs, and I suspect if they produce military-grade clothing, it's going to be well made.

    Here's this awesome uniform-jacket-inspired 5-button blazer:

    The grey color is excellent, but they only appear to be selling it in navy herringbone right now. Both look good. Also... $600. Yeesh.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share, and I'm also wondering if anyone has any experience with these guys? It sounds like they're starting to sell this stuff in department stores as well.


    That's probably what they charge the military for their gear... And I'm sure the military pays it.



      Looks interesting. I'm sure people will buy it as $600 for a blazer isn't unheard of for "high" fashion clothing.

      To Alan's comment, the thing about prices the military, or business in general pay for things can't be compared to consumer goods, even clothing.

      It's not as if they had a designer comes up with a design, it's produced and then sold. There are probably multiple prototypes based on meeting with military officials, engineering and testing/certification that goes into the flame resistant properties. And the smaller scale of select members of the military versus mass market to the general public. That all adds to the cost. I can easily see $600 with the company making a pretty slim margin.

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