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How tight should pants waist fit?

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    How tight should pants waist fit?

    sorry for asking a googlible question but would like to hear others' take on this. i currently find myself to be closest to a 33 waist on pant size, unfortunately many manufacturers only make even numbered sizes. in many cases, a 34 would allow me to stick a palm in my pants waist, and a 32 visibly squeezes my stomach (although don't really have a gut) and can be uncomfortable even before dinner.

    i read that suit pants (or dress slacks for that matter) should fit tight enough that you don't need a belt. does that apply to casual pants like chinos and corduroys? trying to decide between size 32 and 34 if must choose between them. is there a rule or wear whatever size make you comfortable? thanks.


    If you can afford a to have them tailored, that may be the best option. Barring that, though, perhaps the 32's are the way to go if they aren't too tight through the thighs or anywhere else. When you put a belt on and the waist is too big, any excess fabric is going to bunch.

    Are the 32's uncomfortable? If they are then that's probably not the way to go. Otherwise, there are plenty of places that do sell 33's. That's about what I am, too.

    Also remember that suit pants sit higher than more casual pants. So what might be the right size in one may or may not be the right size in the other.



      You also want to look at if youll be tucking your shirts in. If you are, 34 would be the way to go. Then, like Alan said, get them tailored if possible.

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        wearing a 34 i definitely need a belt, and the extra fabric does bunch around my waist, although you have to look carefully to tell that. with a 32 i feel squeezed while standing, and that probably gets worse when i sit or squat. guess i should try more brands and sizes. having them tailored may not be worthwhile to me. thanks!



          They should be snug enough to stay up but not uncomfortable. They sound uncomfortable.

          Certain fabrics stretch, however (like denim), and what feels snug out of the laundry may fit just right as the day goes on.

          Taking the waist in is standard fare for tailors and/or drycleaners, and shouldn't cost much.

          Measure your waist where the pants sit, and then the waistband of the pants to get a true idea of what's going on - vanity sizing, inconsistencies in manufacturing, and, like Alan said, where the garment sits can render the 'size' of the pants into a suggestion rather than a rule.



            Buy a 34 waist & carry a handgun with an IWB (inside the waistband) holster?



              Get a few sets of suspenders. Eventually you will.