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Indochino-Essential Gray 3 piece suit

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    Indochino-Essential Gray 3 piece suit

    Another Indochino related question for the masses. I ordered the 3 piece essential gray for my wedding(groomsman will do the 2 piece) and received it yesterday. The fit is OK but I think the tailor can make the necessary adjustments. Instant impressions:

    -The pants fit like boot cut at the bottom. Clearly need to be taken in.

    -The suit is a little loose in the stomach and should be taken in.

    -The buttons appear to be cheap plastic and are not 'kissing' on the sleeves and I prefer.

    -The picked stitching is a joke. I can't even tell.

    My main question is about the fabric. I own a Hugo Boss suit(great deal) and compared the two. The Indochino fabric seems cheap compared, but I'm not sure if that's just me. Anyone else have insight into the fabric of their essential collection? I know the Vincero is supposed to be Italian mill(similar to Hugo Boss and some other higher end suits) but I can't ask guys to drop $700 on a suit for my wedding.

    I'm debating sending it back for a full refund and going with Suit Supply. Their Washington light grey looks nice and I could have them customize a waist coat. It'll cost a little more in the long run, but I've heard great things about Suit Supply and I'm on the fence about the Indochino suit. I know there are tons of threads about both companies, but would like some advice specific to my dilemma


    Their pants typically fit like that, I had mine altered. Same for the stomach. Buttons are a $10 dollar fix (and thats with paying someone else to sew them on.)

    IIRC, Indochino uses Super 100's or Super 110's for their base level suits. This is yet another opportunity to remind people that Indochino is not *DESIGNED* to fit without any issues whatsoever on the first shot. There is a dialing in process. My first shirt from them was a nightmare, but the remade one fit me 100% perfectly. Their tailoring credit makes this even better. I think you're being hypercritical: we're talking about ~$400 MTO suit, you can't expect Kiton fabric quality.

    If you want to return it and go for SS, expect to spend 1) more money on the suit itself, and then 2) out of pocket tailoring expenses. Finally, if you're in the US the return shipping to Indochino in Canada will be murderous. Just a warning.



      Do you really want to wear something you don't really like for your wedding? If you had the alterations done, would you be happy with it? Wear what you like and feel comfortable in.



        I have an Essential Navy suit from Indochino. Within only a few weeks, I managed to tear the right sleeve about an inch. The fabric is pretty light, but it could have been a bad repeat. Luckilly, they agreed to remake the jacket.



          That's what I keep going back to Lib. If I get it altered, I'm sure I'll be happier with it but not sure to what extent. Maybe I'm living in a dream world, but I hoped for a higher quality wool.

          I'm actually living in Spain, so I can only imagine what the return would cost me. Time is running out. The 14 day return window is closing rapidly. Anyone who has gone with SS and Indochino, I'd love some perspective.

          Kenneth, thanks for the advice.



            I'm waiting for black friday/cybermonday sale with them and I will see how they are.

            I have a black lapel suit that pretty much fit perfectly, so I imagine using the exact same measurements will give me an identical suit, very curious to try. But I would love to have a cheaper well fit one that I can "get sloppy" in



              With a MTM service they have to make money somewhere, so it doesn't surprise me that it's not the highest quality fabric.

              Suit Supply shipping to Spain is free, correct? I assume returns are still free. 5-6 days shipping is still within your threshold.

              Shadow: unless Black Lapel uses the same patterns as Indochino, there's no guarantee that the suit will be identical with the same measurements. There's also slight variations in construction tolerances that would affect the fit as well. I'm sure they would be very similar, but the suit is constructed off a pattern first and foremost with your measurements adjusting the pattern as necessary.



                How long until your wedding? Did the groomsmen already order theirs?



                  Agree with Lib. You sound pretty unhappy with it...and the fabric is not going to change with alterations. I think you summarized it yourself, right here: "Their Washington light grey looks nice and I could have them customize a waist coat. It'll cost a little more in the long run, but I've heard great things about Suit Supply and I'm on the fence about the Indochino suit."

                  Don't want to have regrets when it comes to your wedding suit...I'd return it and go with Suit Supply.



                    Spare no expenses/trouble. This is your wedding we're talking about. You've been dreaming about it ever since you were a little girl. Haha, kidding aside: Don't settle for less than satisfaction.

                    5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist