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Should I buy a discontinued watch [Citizen]

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    Should I buy a discontinued watch [Citizen]


    A local retailer has a sale for Citizen watches at 30%. The model I liked was the AT0840-54X, a discontinued model.

    I was able to bargain the price down from $425 retail to $300 tax included (I live in Canada, so the deal is slightly better than if I was in the States).

    I was wondering what tradeoffs I might encounter for a discontinued model and if it's worth acquiring. I was told I would get 5 year's manufacturer's warranty, but is that still valid in this case?

    Your thoughts?


    I accidentally posted this in clothing. If a moderator would be so kind to move it, it would be appreciated.



      Way too high for a discontinued Citizen in my opinion.

      5 second google search revealed this: r=sbar

      If you spend some time researching, and you're patient you'll find a new one for around the same price.



        You shouldn't encounter any issues just because it's discontinued. The movements are reused for a number of watches, in the case of Citizen, I'm going to guess that they are just discontinuing that style, and something similar will replace it, so no issue with parts or anything like that.

        Whether you should buy from the local dealer for $300 or shop around until you find rock-bottom pricing really depends on what you would do if it breaks. A lot of the online watch retailers are grey market, and offer their own (usually shorter) warranty, and then you have to mail your watch off for service.



          I understand. Thank you for all your inputs. I've always had a fear of buying things online. But I guess the fear is unfounded. I'll resume my search online. Thanks!