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Casual Interview - What to wear? (I'm freaking out)

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    Casual Interview - What to wear? (I'm freaking out)

    My best suit is being tailored for an interview on Monday - but I also have an interview tomorrow (Friday) at a laid-back, creative, digital marketing & ad agency. I am going to go by the office and do recon today to see, but I have no clue what to do. A friend who works there said she wore black pants and a cardigan at her interview and says I shouldn't wear a suit, but this freaks me out. I REFUSE to wear my old black suit (lame! not a salesman...) which looks terrible, and the tailor won't have my go-to suit done until Saturday.

    I have some brand new dark, well-tailored jeans and black monk straps with a charcoal herringbone blazer that I am considering wearing. Or I may wear some chinos. Probably gray - I assume everyone is opposed to khakis or would that be okay?

    Any insight into this matter? I am desperate. Should I do my navy blazer or my herringbone blazer? Jeans, khakis, chinos?



    Some inspiration for you (well, at least the first few slides).

    This slide show is a couple years old, but I think it's still relevant.

    Show your color, pattern and texture creativity off!

    I'll also offer the obligatory don't-worry-you'll-do-fine pep talk. Good luck!



      The looks that Jared pointed out are all good. I think they're spot on. If you're going the herringbone route, check picture 2 (slide 4/31) for inpiration.

      The charcoal herringbone blazer you mentioned would absolutely be a good choice as long is it says "young and hip" rather than "old and frumpy". It's all in the jacket's fit and the subtlety of the pattern, but I'll trust your judgement

      There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing khakis so long as they fit well. Rather, they're a half-step up from jeans and would inject a bit more color than the grey chinos. And it's not so much that they're more colorful in and of themselves, but they open the palette up more to do interesting things with the shirt options.

      BTW, you made no mention of shoes. If you intend to wear black shoes, scratch the khakis and stick to navy or grey pants.



        Thanks for the input - i would assume brown wingtips as opposed to loafers or chukkas (as shown in this slide deck... literally the same pair of clarks I have)

        I think I will opt for the herringbone with khakis and the wingtips. I like the plaid shirt look with it too, but I fear mine is too dark. I will probably go with a white with blue windowpane. I love my double monks, but they are black and that is not the preferred juxtaposition with the khakis.

        Now, do I go with a sweater and no tie, a wool tie no sweater, or both?



          Well if it's creative, try and be creative with the look and stand out subtley

          Vest, tie and some wool pants with some nice shoes, try different combos etc...doing recon wouldn't be a bad idea. You could always ask your friend that works there about your outfit choices too.



            The wingtips sound like a solid choice.

            As for the sweater and tie... At this point you've already got a solid look so I think anything else is icing. I would go with whatever you're going to be the most comfortable (mentally and physically) in. I personally like the look of sweater vests, but you don't want to be burning up in an interview where you're already nervous. but if you feel great and confident wearing it, then go for it! It's a judgment call that only you can make.

            ... but if it were me, I wouldn't do just the tie. I'd do the sweater vest alone or with a tie. Or leave both at home.



              I think I will opt for the herringbone with khakis and the wingtips. I like the plaid shirt look with it too, but I fear mine is too dark. I will probably go with a white with blue windowpane.</blockquote>

              Yes to all of this.

              Stand out with your qualifications, not your dress.



                I'd definitely just do something like a blazer + chinos. You could probably get away with jeans even if you go with a very dark wash.