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[REVIEW] F&O Corduroy Blazer review

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    [REVIEW] F&O Corduroy Blazer review

    I received the F&O Corduroy blazer yesterday (the one they emailed about last Friday). At $50, minus some store credit, it was a deal too good to pass up. Fortunately I was able to snag one in a 36R.

    For the price, it was an awesome deal. Here are some initial thoughts. I'd be interested if anyone else has a perspective:

    FIT: Of the three F&O blazers I've bought this is by far the slimmest. I'm 5'10" 145, so I'm a true 37. But typically that means I size down if I'm going for a trendy, slim fit. If anyone else is in the same boat, you might consider sizing up in this case, particularly if you plan on dressing up this blazer.

    COLOR: While I was expecting a sandier brown, what I ended up with was deep chocolate. That's fine with me. Anyone else surprised at the difference in color on the website versus in person? This is a common issue I have with F&O.

    QUALITY: It's fine, like all their stuff. While I have a hard time understanding how blazers can be $50 and shirts are only $5 less (and there are better-made shirts out there), certainly a $50 blazer is a good deal and a decent-quality item.

    Overall, I'm pretty stoked about this deal. Anyone else less impressed with it?


    No bunching up of the blazer behind your neck? I had that on the 40 and I have a 39" chest. Also wasn't anywhere near slim on my 33" waist.

    5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist



      I had bunching at the neck on mine.

      Getting fixed now though.



        I bought one, the fit was not just slim, but odd. I have broad shoulders, and I would say it fit my shoulders decently, but was way too slim around the body (no change of it buttoning). Sizing up would have made it too big in my shoulders, but it was too slim around the body to fix...

        I wore it a couple times, because I rarely button my jackets when I wear them casually, but it just wasn't right. It's a shame, because I thought the color was great, and the quality was fine (especially for the price). If anyone wants it for a good price, it's a 42...

        As for the price difference with the shirts, the blazer is clearly made in Asia, perhaps the shirt is made in a higher cost continent?



          @wmichaeljones - With virtually identical measurements as you (5'9, 145lbs for me), I also ordered the same exact cordoroy blazer (I reviewed the blazer in a previous thread). As you said, it's definitely slim. The shoulders are a touch boxy and it's very slim through the torso. I don't usually button my blazer too often, but depending on the thickness of my dress shirt I'd have to take that on a case by case basis. Although I initially like it, it continues to sit in my closet and I'm thinking that if I don't get it into my rotation in the next week, I'll send it back for some pocket squares or something. For $50 however, it's a good deal if the blazer fits you. My best fitting cord blazer is actually an H&M jacket that's just about a perfect fit (no boxy shoulders, a little wider at the button/torso level).



            Any chance you could post some measurements for that 36r? (pit to pit, back length, maybe sleeve length)



              Sure, I'll try to remember to do that when I get home, unless WMJ will have already done it.



                May not have a chance to do that until tomorrow, but glad to. Might also post a pic just to give a better idea.

                Gabe--sounds like we've had an identical experience. Forgot to mention to slightly boxy shoulders in my original post. I, too, have the feeling that it might sit in the closet, even though I like it in theory.



                  I got the blazer too. I found the shoulders to be a bit boxy as well, but overall, I'm okay with it.

                  My main issue though is the color; I don't dislike it, but it's darker than I expected, and I have no idea what color and pattern of shirt would pair with it. None of mine seem to work. Any ideas?



                    I thought it looked good with a blue shirt, khakis, and brown shoes. I would think any "fall" colors would be fine.



                      Yeah, I was thinking blue too, but my light blues look too light, and my dark blues look too dark with it. I guess I gotta find an in between blue—maybe their Tremont flannel shirt in glacier or something like that. I can't stand the stupid tag on the bottom of the shirt though. I wish they'd cut that shit out.



                        You don't happen to have pictures, do you?

                        "We had a sick night b*tches!"



                          @MikeAD91-I might be interested in this. Can you post or email measurements to [email protected]? Thanks.

                          Countryside Man of Letters