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    So, my job (startup tech support) is definitely in the "only need one suit" category. Right now, that one suit is my grandfather's old Sears suit. I had it tailored, and it looks decent, being a nice houndstooth. However, it's still a 70's era, mostly-polyester, department store suit, so I'd love to upgrade.

    I have a wedding to attend on a couple of weeks (Oct 15), so time is a factor. I've been trying to decide between:

    Indochino Light Gray 3-piece

    Indochino Ultimate Gray

    Indochino Essential Charcoal

    Indochino Timeless Charcoal 3-piece

    Ludlow worsted wool charcoal

    something else?

    I know that generally if I'm going to have 1 suit, it should be a dark one, but I reallllly like the look of a gray one on me. However, if I'm being pragmatic, this suit should work for both weddings & funerals...

    So, what do y'all think is the best suit to own if I'm going to own only one?

    I've got a number of weddings coming up this fall, and am bound to have more in the next year or two, in addition to the rare occasion of really nice dinner and work events that warrant it.

    I know this is short notice, especially for Indochino; I may have to wear my old one for this next wedding, but still need a good one for after that.


    Grey is fine for funerals as well. I like the look of the indochino suits. I'd probably go for the ultimate gray... Unless your style is 3 piece, then get that, since it's the same plus the vest.

    But I agree you may not have time before 10/15



      I think the best bang for the suit buck is the JCrew Factory suit. I got mine on sale for under $200 and even at regular price it is a huge bargain.



        I would agree that charcoal (dark) grey is probably your best bet for 1 suit, although I probably wouldn't go the indochino route.

        Jcrew factory thompson suit can be had for about $275 right now, and it fits pretty well.

        coincidentally, I'm going to a wedding Oct. 15th as well



          Hey Jacob, first off - congrats on the upgrade.

          You can get any suit you want as long as it is a 2-button, charcoal grey, center back vent, flat front pant without cuffs. Hello, all occasions! Switch up shirts and ties and they baby will never die. No stripes!

          - Beej



            For the "one suit" I would go for either charcoal or navy. I don't know how long Indochino takes, so as Jason pointed out you may not have time to go that route. I looked at the Ludlow suit a couple of weeks ago and I like it -- I don't even need a suit right now but I still considered buying it in navy (the Italian wool version).

            You've got two votes here for the J.Crew Factory suit. It's inexpensive enough that you could get it, get it tailored, and then keep your eyes peeled for sales/discount codes etc. if you want to add to your collection.



              it depends on the $$ you want to spend too I guess. I just said JCrew Factory because it's one of the best, cheapest suits you can get, but if you're looking to spend more, the sky's the limit.

              Also I don't know what your shoe/sock/belt/tie/shirt/pocket square situation is like, so take that in to account as well



                Can't wait until the next JCrew Factory sale, I really want to pick up that suit.



                  Thanks for the great advice everyone!

                  I've had some people at work recommend a local surplus/wholesaler, and Nordstrom rack. What are some good, well-fitting brands i should keep an eye out for?

                  If i don't see anything promising there this weekend, I'm going to go for the J Crew Factory. I re-read Joe's review, and the biggest selling point is the final picture. I love the color!



                    Jacob - if you are still considering a suit to buy, consider going custom. If it is going ot be your ONE suit, make it a good one. You can get great bespoke suits for much less than you may think. If you were considering something in Indochino collection, you can get a bespoke suit for about the same. Check out Louis Purple, a French shop that has opened in New York - no online but they can measure you, help you with fabric selection and have your suit in 3 weeks for about $700. If you are not in NYC, check out SuitSupply a new collection in the US from the Netherlands. Great fits, great prices. I have a J.Crew summer suit that I love - great fabrics, but it cost almost $500 and then needed $150 in alterations to make it fit really well. Had I known then of Louis Purple or Suit Supply, I would have gone with a suit from one of them.

                    Good luck!



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