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Need black cap-toe oxfords quick

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    Need black cap-toe oxfords quick

    Yesterday my wife and I (plus kids) were invited to a wedding on 11/3 in which guests are encouraged to get "dolled up" ("vintage chic" for women, suits for dudes). I rarely wear suits but have a good basic Joseph Abboud navy suit bought at Nordstrom that I plan on wearing. The one thing I need to upgrade fast is dress shoes, as the only black ones I have are your standard nightmare square-toed Kenneth Cole Frankenstein shoes. So I figured this would be a good occasion on which to finally get a solid pair of black cap-toe oxfords. Ideally I'd have the cash to just get some AE Park Avenues but given the limited time and that I only wear black dress shoes once every few years I can't justify the cost. I'm looking at Magnanni Fredericos (recommended on the Dappered $1500 wardrobe thread) or Nordstrom house brands as an alternative, but if anyone can recommend any other stylish black oxfords for under $200 I'm all ears. Heck, I don't even know if I'll have any time over the next week to make it into Nordstrom in San Francisco to try on a few different pairs. Are there ANY options for not TOO cheap, stylish oxfords at places like Macy's, Sears, J.C. Penney, etc? All of those are within a 10-minute drive of my office, while a visit to Nordstrom requires taking time off to take BART downtown.



    160 Euros - 20% VAT = about $166 + shipping. I'd verify they can get them here in a week though. UK sizing which is generally US -1, but the Hiro last is pretty narrow so I'd do US - .5

    Alfred Sargent?

    These look great, in fact I like the looks of these more than the Park Aves. AFPOS is a great site to order from and they ship FedEx so you'd have it in a day or two. Use normal UK sizing (US -1). These are about $250 so a bit over budget, but pretty awesome for that price nonetheless.



      I personally like the looks of these:

      Johnston & Murphy Shoes, Melton Cap Toe Oxfords $175

      If you're wearing Navy, don't discount brown shoes. I do understand why you're leaning black though. The "Vintage Chic" theme. Black is a more traditional shoe.



        Also, if you're going to get black cap toes, I would definitely get a balmoral (like the 2 above) and not a blutcher. Bals are more appropriate with a suit, and if you get a good bal you can even put a nice shine on the toe and wear it with a tux if need be.

        Here is the only one I saw on Macys site:

        It claims to be Goodyear welted so that might be a decent choice if you need something local. For such a classic essential shoe I would avoid any glue-jobs so you can keep it for years and have it recrafted when you wear out the soles.



          LOL! Cross-post, Jared and I recommended the same thing at the same time.



            @Fred - It's like you read my mind!



              Matt, the problem with buying $150 shoes is that they are not likely to last for very long. Joe and I disagree about this, but I've experienced it firsthand: every time I've purchased inexpensive dress shoes they have fallen apart within a year. Admittedly, I wear each pair of shoes at least once a week, but shoes should last more than a year.

              If you spend $150 on a cheap pair of shoes then you will have to spend another $150 a year down the line.

              Are you adverse to purchasing shoes over the internet? If not, I recommend looking at Herring Shoes. Check out shoes by Loake and Herring's own house brand. All of the prices will be 20% less than listed since you do not have to pay VAT. That puts many of the Loake 1, Loake Shoemaker, and Herring Continental (made by Loake EU) shoes in your price range.

              Some general tips:

              Avoid "polished leather". Stick with calf leather.

              Make sure that the shoe is Goodyear welted or Blake stitched.

              Avoid squared toes.

              Avoid chiseled toes; you're looking for a classic oxford.



                best looking pair of my suggestions:

                a few more:






                  +1 to everything bruschetta said! Herring is a great company to order from. Check out their Knightsbridge, or these Loakes:




                  (although I'd still go with the Alfred Sargent)



                    What size do you wear? I have a pair of Park Aves I bought on ebay that are too small for me but haven't got around to re-listing them. They are 11.5 A if I recall. email me if you're interested [email protected]



                      FWIW, I bought a pair of Daniel Cremieux dress shoes on clearance for something like $75 (don't remember original price, but couldn't have been THAT much). They're welt with rubber-covered leather soles. Anyways, that was 8 years ago, and they're still kicking (pun intended). In fact, I'm taking them in for a professional once-over today to clean up some cosmetic issues (the construction is still excellent).

                      Bottom line: Sub-$200 dress shoes can last a long time if they aren't abused. Maybe I'm lucky, but the biggest factor to consider is construction - not price. More often than not, the two go hand in hand. However, that doesn't mean they always HAVE to.

                      +1 to the Herring stuff, though. I haven't personally bought from them, but I've been impressed with their offerings. Be sure to check out their sale stuff.



                        If you want cheap - since youre not wearing them often:

                        comes in brown too for the navy suit



                          @Matt: I've seen some nice black captoe shaped lasts at thrift stores. They are more common than nice browns at least. What size are you? I'm stopping by my usual thrift route tomorrow and can keep an eye out for you since we're both from the bay.



                            Thanks for all the advice, guys. Herring was unfortunately out of the Knightsbridge in my size (10F) so I just sucked in my gut and ordered the Alfred Sargent Epsons. Yes, at $296 with shipping I went $100 over budget but I'm only going to have one pair of black oxfords for the next 30-40 years (at least, I hope) so why not, right? Right? Sorry, just having a bit of father-of-twins post-purchase guilt. I'll just make sure to point out how nice my shoes are when my kids notice that Daddy is all dressed up! I just hope they fit OK.



                              Alfred Sargents! Us peasants with our Allen Edmonds are not worthy in your presence matt! congrats!