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    V shape

    anyone else have the problem where shirts fit nicely in the shoulders but the waist is too large?

    i have a size 40 chest and 32 waist and find that most shirts arent made for this. even "slim" fit shirts feel huge.

    is tailoring my only option?


    What brands have you tried?



      express 1mx fitted.

      I'm a 39" chest and 31" waist, and it fits pretty damn slim around the waist. I actually like the modern fit better I think, because it isn't nearly as tight



        Check out great prices. I'm 40-42 in the chest and 32-34 in the waist and their slim cut shirts are just about right on me. They also have the tailored cut that I think is a little slimmer.



          dchun, tailoring is really expensive. Joe says $15/shirt but my tailor charges $50. You're best bet is to find an off the rack that works. Also, don't discount the back pleats. Go with no back pleats of shoulder pleats. The center pleat will ad bulk, which you lack. I'm 43 shoulders, 33 waist - same problem.



            You should NOT be paying $50 per shirt. I pay $15 as well to get the sides and sleeves taken in.



              I have the same problem. 40R with a 30" waist and have tried almost every reasonably priced brand I can try on in a store.

              Wait for sales and bring it to the tailor. Sometimes it comes out to about the same price as off the rack, maybe a little more, but nothing compares to a tailored shirt.

              And $50 does seem VERY high. I have seen maybe $20-$30 tops, sleeves included. $15 is great price.



                ive tried banana republic, jcrew, and gap.

                Ive had some luck with down sizing from medium to small but it is hit or miss depending on the shirt.

                I also recently discovered 5th and lamar and they are a little better than most.

                does any one have an opinion on brooks brothers extra slim?



                  BB extra slims are actually really nice, also the calibrate slim fits fit pretty well.

                  a little trick I've also found is if you go find the "tall" fit shirts (I'm 5'8") and size down a few sizes, they fit slim. it's a hit or miss trick though, so you have to try them on



                    BB Extra slims are the truth. I have five and they're all great. I did have to get them brought in a little bit to be perfect. They fit my shoulders great off the rack though.



                      I really like the Express 1MX Extra Slim Fit. I gave my tailor one of those shirts so she could see the fit and match that with some of my old shirts. She took some measurements off the shirt too to get a sense of what I like.


                      Here in the metro Milwaukee area, I pay $17 for body and sleeve tailoring for a small shop I found. It's $25 at Men's Wearhouse with a $10 discount if you bought the shirt there.



                        Few solutions since I'm in your boat as well. Right now I'm a 44R and a 32 times finding shirts that fit.

                        Super expensive side = Eton contemporary fit

                        Expensive side = Jeremy Argyle shirts in Large should fit you very nice. They are pricy, though.

                        Mid-priced = Ratio. I'm wearing their white shirt right now and I love the fit. It could go in a little more but it's a good fit.

                        Cheap = BR. Watch out though, as the second button on all BR shirts is too low and the first button is too high, so I find it awkward.

                        My favorite = custom shirt. You can find a good custom shirt maker and pay under $100 for each shirt and have it give you everything you want.

                        You also are getting ripped by the tailor. For sleeves and sides they shouldn't be charging more than $15.



                          Thanks for the responses!

                          I recently started buying jcrew small and they fit pretty well but i think they would benefit from the sides being taken in.

                          BR small is also pretty good.

                          I'm going to try the express shirts next. I'll report back with results.



                            I have the exact same measurements. I find that bonobos medium fits very well. I particularly am a fan of these indigo dyed shirts...which just happen to be on sale. Although the rounded collar might not be for everyone.


                            Going to try out ratio as a birthday gift.



                              Gant Rugger