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Boots similar to Wolverine 1000 mile

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    Boots similar to Wolverine 1000 mile

    Hey guys,

    The Wolverine 1000 mile boot caught my eye, and I think it looks just outright...beautiful...? Not sure I want my feet to be beautiful, but the point is I really like the look of them. I just don't like the price tag. I was wondering if there was any cheaper alternative that can be found on, say, Nordstrom or lastcall. Or maybe I should just wait and save and buy the Wolverines later.

    Here's a link to the Wolverines:



    These are all frequently suggested alternatives to the 1000 Mile boots.

    Red Wing Beckman (Low profile lug sole, plain toed):

    Red Wing Iron Ranger (Leather sole, cap-toed):

    LL Bean Katahdin (They're cap-toed Chippewas):

    Chippewa GQ (Great boot, great price, Vibram sole):

    Chippewa J Crew (Less rugged, more "clean" leather compared to regular Chippewas):

    Also of note, you can get 30% off your first purchase from Revolve. They'll issue it as a credit to your credit/debit card.



      My advice is to wait and save up the money to get the Wolverine boot. I've settled for a lesser product sometimes and I always end up regretting not getting the item that I originally wanted. That Wolverine boot is fantastic.

      I have the Chippewa boot mentioned above and I love it. It's super comfortable and looks great. I highly recommend it. However, it's definitely more rugged looking than the Wolverine boot.



        will nordy ever have a sale on the 1000 mile boots?



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            Thanks shift for all the links.

            @Juan, thats what I was thinking too. I guess I have to decide for myself if I really want it THAT bad.



              I got my pair for full price after a windfall and don't regret a single penny of it. They are fantastic, and should last forever if you take care of them.

              I seem to remember someone on this forum saying they found a pair at Nordstrom Rack for less than $200, and I've seen them (once, and only in very large sizes) at DSW. Size down at least half a size.



                I was really interested in the Wolverines until I tried on the Alden 405... I'm just saying, if you're going to save up for the 1000 mile boot, might as well keep going...

                But seriously, wait and get what you want. I'm glad I spent the money on the Aldens. I wear them more than any other boot or shoe I own. If you think you'll get the same use out of what you're buying, save your money and get what you want. This sounds cheesy as I think about it, but never underestimate the value of good footwear.



                  I think it depends on what you want to do with the boots. I think I'm going to grab some Chippewas to beat around during the winter, something I certainly wouldn't do to 1000s.



                    @DrBenji - the Chippewas are great for that purpose. That's the reason why I bought them and i could not be happier.

                    @MikeAD91 - I actually like the look of the Wolverine boot much better than the Alden, but that's just personal preference.



                      wow. that j crew chippewa boot is good looking. anyone have anymore details on it?



                        @Margotron - check out the last page of the "Recent Purchases" thread.



                          Juan - I think if you're buying these boots based solely on looks, though, the point has been missed.



                            I disagree Mike. At least with regard to leather soled work boots. They are not true work boots with a rubber sole. They don't do well in the rain. Etc. They are fashion-first boots. Work styled boots no doubt, but still fashion-first I think



                              Yep. If you want to not slip on the ice, 1000 mile boots are not your best option. Leather soles and all.