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Slender Toe Dress Shoes

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    Slender Toe Dress Shoes

    Hey Guys,

    So I'm 5' 7'', so short, and I've been told that for dress shows its better to wear slender toe line shoes, but I'm having a hard time finding something affordable.

    I know a solid pair for dress shoes is 250+, but I am more in the 150+ category.

    Right now I'm really looking into getting a chestnut or walnut color leather to go with my lighter charcoal suit. Anyone have any

    Here's an example:

    Also anyone have experience with the look and make of these: BJ&sizeId=

    Thanks for the feedback guys I appreciate it.


    I got these for $154 a week ago when Last Call had a 40% off plus $25 off $50 sale:

    I've only worn them once but they seem great so far. Well-constructed, look good and comfortable. They should break-in nicely. Limited sizes though.




      Are you trying to re-build your shoe line up with the slender look altogether or simply add a different look?

      If the former, I don't think it's advisable to use a walnut to an interview, so that takes away the versatility, just from the color choice.



        Hey, yeah sorry for not specifying its not for an interview. I am trying add a slender toe show to my shoe collection. Any suggestions?



          The one that John Pepper listed is actually the first that comes to my mind, too.