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    LEC new arrivals for winter isible=1~1~1~1&store=le&sort=Recommended&tab=17&cm _re=Canvas-Men-_-D-2-1

    Not sure when this stuff went online, but it's more interesting than the last new collection.

    Boiled wool blazer: looks good, though I prefer roasted wool.

    Chambray tuxedo shirt: so you can really rock the Canadian tuxedo?

    I like most of the scarves/gloves/hats and knits/sweaters. This cardigan and this sweater are nice. As usual, wait for %-off sales.


    new stuff at lands end too. love this vest but what are they doing pricing it this high?!?!?

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      You know, I don't think I've purchased anything from LEC in 6 months. The quality I got for the incredibly low prices was just so-so;

      I don't see myself paying anything more than extreme clearance for LEC, no matter what.



        Can't wait to buy this jacket when it's $23!



          That boiled wool blazer is a sharp bit of business. I'd be tempted to snap it up at the next X% off sale, but the damned functional sleeve buttons and the fact that I almost always have to shorten blazer sleeves means I probably won't. If anyone from LEC is reading this: Please, for the love of god and all that's holy, stop it with the functional sleeve buttons!



            that mariner jacket balls very hard.



              Maybe I'm alone on this, but I have a feeling that, with the flood of young men to the online menswear marketplace, Lands' End could probably reach more customers by offering... oh say... a 36r jacket.




                I consider myself thin and of average height. I am 5'11" 150 lbs. How small are you that you need to wear a 36R.



                  Concur. I think there's some selection bias going on there. 36 would probably sell to #menswear, where my 42 is fat as hell, but #menswear is tiny...I suspect LEC knows their market better than we outsiders...



                    A 36 was big on me when I was 5'8 and 130 lbs. Its pretty common.

                    A much simpler solution is to do what I did: put on 20 lbs of muscle.




                      I consider myself thin and of average height. I am 5'11" 150 lbs. How small are you that you need to wear a 36R.</blockquote>

                      5'9, 135lbs. I also consider myself thin and of (the low end of) average height.



                        These are 2 things I'm definitely picking up when the prices are right.





                          @Lib: I suggest going the 'add muscle' route. When you're that skinny it comes on easily. Just eat a lot of calories and lift heavy weights three times a week. I went from 130 to 160 in less than a year. Clothes fit much better and you look better.



                            When clothing fit is an issue, "changing your size to adapt to available clothing sizing" is virtually never the answer. This is true regardless of whether you are thin, tall, short, heavy, or just oddly proportioned. A person who is healthy and content with his appearance should not be expected to lose or gain weight or otherwise alter his body just so he can wear a more common jacket size. Dressing well isn't, or shouldn't be, about body type. The lack of availability of certain sizes and lengths of clothing is an issue that should be addressed from the manufacturers' side - and they will, if we annoy them enough.

                            My anecdote is that I sent a few e-mails bugging J.Crew Factory about their lack of 36R in their Thompson suit, and encouraged others to do the same. It took them a while but eventually they released the Thompson in both 36R and 36S. Manufacturers will rise to meet demand if we make sure they are aware of it.

                            I'm 5'9", 145 lbs, and wear a 36R. And I am perfectly happy to do so. Several years ago I was about 20 lbs heavier and wore a 38S. I did not look or feel any better in a 38 than I do in a 36. I am quite content to be slim and trim and have no desire to "bulk up" by radically changing my exercise regimen and choking down protein shakes every day. And there's nothing wrong with that. Nor is there anything wrong with being muscular, nor is there anything wrong with being heavy, or tall, or short, or having gorilla arms or t-rex arms or short legs or long legs. We are all shaped differently and there is clothing out there to fit and flatter all our different body types.




                              Thank you, Ben, for stating that so eloquently. OnlyShawn is probably correct that Lands' End has done their actuarial crunching, but I don't think it absurd that inclusion of a 36r jacket size (which many other manufacturers DO make) might bring in more customers. Long tail and all that. If I'm thinking it then surely others are as well.

                              But I'll take into consideration Kbrown's "much simpler solution" of gaining 20lbs of lean muscle mass and replacing most of my wardrobe. Genius.