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Developing a Respectable Watch Collection

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    Developing a Respectable Watch Collection

    I started this collection about a year ago, posted in order of purchase:

    J.Crew Military Timex

    Victorinox Infantry Chronograph

    Hamiliton Khaki Officer Auto Chronograph

    Tissot PRC 220 Chronograph

    Looks like I'm overdue for something with a brown band


    You have a thing for black-dials, I see....



      Hamilton Khaki Officer

      Brown band, black face.



        I have the brown band for the Hamilton as well.



          I had the Jcrew as well but sold it as I wore it only a few times while I owned it. I bought a Hamilton jazzmastef that I adore. I have recent gotten into vintage watches and picked up an old Tag which is my daily watch.



            Nice man. I bought the Tissot to replace the JCrew as my daily driver. Just got it today, and I'm very happy with the decision. At 40mm it's not too overbearing and fits under a sleeve without notice.



              Nice collection! Seems like you've done a great job of covering all your bases (at some point, do you see a more sporty / sports-oriented watch in your future, too? Something you can wear to the beach, the game, etc?).

              I'm in the market for a brown band watch too, and I love the sporty but sleek look of the I crazy for thinking it might look good on a brown leather band? (I know they make a brown band version - but I much prefer the look of the black dial to the cream-colored one that comes on a brown band.)



                There's a thread over on with all different kinds of bands on the Tissot. I really like the Hirsch "Golfer" though it's a black band as well.



                  My last watch purchase was the Tissot Visodate, it is a versatile brown band watch that can work for most any occasion from business to casual for myself, link below...






                    Try to recreate this look with the Orient watch in the thread. Or heck if you can afford it just get the Omega Seamaster.



                      Question for those of you that wear chronographs, do you ever actually use the chronograph feature? I've been leaning towards cleaner/plain face watches recently because to me the dial looks cluttered with the choronograph on it and I don't see the point. What are your guy's thoughts?



                        When I started out with watches, I never liked chronographs. Now, chronographs might be my favorite style. Especially the simpler, dressier chronographs, which can look both sporty and still go pretty well with a suit (better than a "dress diver" IMO).

                        I use the stopwatches and/or diving bezels on my watches pretty frequently. Usually when I'm cooking, or doing laundry. Once upon a time I was helping with a church youth group and ended up using a chronograph to time some 8-year-old girls as they raced each other over a pew obstacle course.

                        I don't think a functional chronograph is a necessity in any way, but the function does come in handy.