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The search for the perfect belt

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    The search for the perfect belt

    I need a new belt. I am very happy with my wardrobe at the moment, but for work I'm using an $8 reversable gap belt. It is (supposedly) leather but I want something that looks a little better.

    In particular I'm looking for something brown that will go with (but not perfectly match) my Walnut Strands. I realize I could drop $90 at AE on a matching belt, but nothing strikes me, especially at that price, and I want something just a little darker and more versatile. Primer had a decent looking Perry Ellis belt on a recent "Get-up" post but wasn't available in my size (30 waist).

    I also plan on wearing this thing 4 days a week so good leather is a plus and I'm willing to spend more than $8 on it.


    It's not cheap, but there's this: p=663744&cp=plas&utm_source=plas&utm_medium=cse&ut m_term=keyword&utm_content=campaign&utm_campaign=e

    If you're a 30 waist, you'll want a 32 belt. Always size up by 2 inches so you'll hit the middle notch.




      I'm actually wearing it right now. You can customize the width, keeper, roller, buckle, etc., so it will be exactly what you want. 66 GBP = about $105 but then they deduct the VAT (20%) if you're shipping to the US and you can knock another 10% off with the code StyleForum10%.

      It's one thick piece of supple leather so you don't ever have to worry about the belt separating like you do with a belt sewn together from two pieces. I've had mine a year and a half or so and I probably wear it 4 or 5 times a week. It's not cheap, but in terms of value it's one of the best purchases I've ever made.

      They will custom make it for you so it takes about a month for delivery. As Alan said size up 2" from your pants size. Here's their sizing guide:



        Wear the shoes, go to Nordstram Rack or TJ Maxx and start trying to match them up.

        I have the Walnut belt from AE, the Everyday Dress Belt or whatever the heck it is called. It is around $95. It is not dead on in terms of color to my Walnut Cliftons. It is a slightly darker shade of the walnut color. With belts, just a near shade will get the job done because it is hard for the human eye to compute the slight difference in shade at a glance given the distance that separates your belts and shoes. Even me inspecting in the mirror with my shoes/belt on, its hard to tell the difference.

        If you do splurge on the AE belt, it got some negative reviews on the site but so far I like the belt a lot. Very quality, thick belt. I think I may get one of each shade eventually lol. I already bought the one in Chili and Burgundy as well. Same deal with the Walnut in that they are not the exact same shade as the leather of the shoes.



          I've been looking for a nice center bar belt, found this.

          Of course it's unavailable.



            Look at Orion Leather Belts, I have found they have some good ones.



              Maycy's always has a ton of Perry Ellis belts. This sounds like what you're looking for:


              About $25 with 25% off automatically and code: SHINE



                The one that is listed as Brown here is a perfect match to the Walnut Srands:


                It's lighter and closer to the AE Walnut color in person.



                  Found this on a reputable site but I don't remember where. I haven't bought one but I'm planning on it when it's time for a new belt.