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What's on your Bonobos 50% off list?

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    What's on your Bonobos 50% off list?

    looks like Bonobos will get to 50,000 likes so the 50% off promotion is a go (and even if it doesn't, we're already at 47% off!). what's everyone planning on buying? they seem to be out of my size in any of the pairs of pants I've looked at today, but hopefully I can pick up a few, and maybe throw in a blazer. I'm really hoping some nice new messenger bags or briefcases pop up on the site before the sale.

    (also anybody with loads of vouchers creating a second account to use the promotion twice? the discount is only good on the first $500 of the order)


    Probably nothing because the website will crash.

    I've got a good bit of credit because I returned 3 pairs of pants. There is a specific pair of pants I want in a certain size, but other than that I'm not really sure. It seems like they're gonna sell out of stuff right?



      I am curious about that... They are probably going to avoid restocking until that deal expires so that way they can sell off most of the stock and sizes they have left and load up on all the sizes after the sale. I hope there are good size elections still available by the time I get there.



        What's the sizing at Bonobos compared to other brands, say Gap? Anyone know where Bonobos is located? Just wondering what time the sale starts, and if it's midnight their time I'll stay up to get in before everything's sold out.

        I want to get these:


        and maybe these:

        which I think were just added today...

        Anyone tried these out?



          I have no idea what to buy, I'm going to have $175 to spend ($225 depending if the 1st purchase promo is added). I was thinking about buying a nice pair of shoes, but I'm starting to think they might not be worth the price. I already have tons of pants and shirts, and I'm not really a blazer guy, so I'll have to think of something.

          To everyone worried about them being out of stock in your size, couldn't you just order the pants in another size, then return them whenever they get your size in stock?

          That's $175 before promo, so $350 worth of chattel.



            I've got $100 in credit and my $50 off coupon (which I doubt will work), so I figure I'll just try to stay within that. Maybe two pairs of their chinos.



              I should have $265 in credits... Hoping to get 3 pairs. Still have no idea on sizing, though



                Actually, I have a sizing question too. I'm thinking about it and realizing the real deficiency in my wardrobe is not pants (I probably have a dozen pairs in my rotation) but shirts. I've got all these ties and no shirts to wear 'em with. Anyone got an idea how sizing with Bonobos shirts works? I'm a 16.5-17" neck (and try to go for the smaller because the rest of the shirt tends to be slimmed). Should I go for the trim fit or the original? I've got some extra up top, wear a 44 in jackets (well, range of 42-46, but usually 44). Medium in LEC fits me okay, they're a bit on the small side (but much less small than the size large is...large).