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V-Neck Bunching Up at Waist — And A Bigger Question About Fit

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    V-Neck Bunching Up at Waist — And A Bigger Question About Fit

    This has been forever a problem with me and V-Necks — they always seem to fold over and bunch up strangely at the waist from sitting down and getting up throughout the day, resulting in me constantly fussing with it to get it to sit right.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    Either way, I think this touches on something bigger, and that is how some things look so much better on others than it does on me. Just a same basic V-Neck seems to fit, say, one particular friend of mine far, far better than it fits me. It doesn't bunch up for him, and it just looks better. I think that this is because I am rather thin and so things just fit me differently.

    What do you all think?

    I suppose I just need to beef up a bit?


    I have had the same problem. I think it is in part due to my height (5'11") and wearing a small. Express v-neck's fit me great in the chest and torso, but they are a little short. Hence, they come untucked.

    You do touch upon a larger issue of the importance of finding the right fit for your body. There are certain items that look great on others, but don't kind hang right on me. But vice versa, there are certain items/fits I look great in, but my friends look awful.