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Yes, another first blazer/sport coat question

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    I have two of the meronas, one navy the other khaki. I like them for what they are, a very low cost casual jacket. I don't know as if I'd wear it to a wedding. For what it's worth I'm 6'1 wear a 36 in pant. I found the xl much to large in the waist, had to go with a large, I think you'd probably fit into it as well.

    I don't think it's worth tailoring. That's going to tack on $20-$30, and at that point you could go to marshals and find one of the RL jackets that are always kicking around. I know a lot of people hate them but for $80 it's much nicer than the Merona.



      I agree. Nix this jacket. The fit is about right in the waist but far too big up top. As someone who has been heavy in the past I'll say this: get the clothing big enough to fit your largest area without ANY pulling, then have the rest tailored in. If you went down a size in jacket I fear it would be snug and would draw attention in ways you would rather it not draw attention.

      I think the stance on this jacket is fine though. It seems about average to me. I also agree with the made to measure option because of your unique body shape. Try somewhere like Indochino (or the other one I seem to be forgetting at the moment... any help guys?)



        I went the MTM route with iTailor(and posted pics)....didn't end up too bad at all for $125