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Picked up my first trench coat - Now I need to know how to wear it.

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    Picked up my first trench coat - Now I need to know how to wear it.

    Something I always look for while thrifting is a good trench coat. I've never owned one but it seems to be a classic piece of men's wear. While perhaps not in the category of "Must Own" it is still a piece that when worn well looks superb.

    Then again maybe it is an essential piece of men's wear depending on where you live.

    I live in Louisiana but will be making the move home to Memphis in just a few short weeks.

    While Memphis is very capable of having wet winters it isn't exactly the place where you see lots of well dressed men on the sidewalk in a trench coat. It's the south... You see men running with a newspaper held over their head or perhaps wearing a cap. A lucky few will have remembered an umbrella.

    So the challenege becomes not only how to wear it, but how to do so without looking as though I am trying to hard.

    As far as the coat goes it is a Burberrys (Not a typo. From my Google search it seems that Burberry dropped the "s" at the end of the 90's)

    Khaki color.

    Classic fitting, knee length - When I put it on it is does not swallow me whole but it isn't form fitting either. In my inexperienced view it fits as well as one could hope.

    I tried it on over a coat and it fit well. Perhaps a bit snug but considering I had to use what was available in Goodwill I had to settle for a coat with considerable shoulder padding. My suits have minimal shoulder padding so it should sit well over them.

    After examining the coat I found no apparent stains or rips. It also included the button-in lining and belt.

    And the best part is it cost $4.

    I am far more concerned with function over fit. I certainly bought this coat in hope of keeping me dry and warm in inclement weather. But I want to look good while wearing it. I certainly hope to channel Humphrey Bogart rather than Inspector Gadget...


    just throw it on, and believe. no but seriously, just make sure if it's orange or something it doesnt clash, that's really about it. I've worn it more casually more times then i can count.



      Camel goes great with black. Casually thrown on a black t-shirt and jeans. Business attire, black suit is great. But it will also go with navy.

      What we do in life echos throughout eternity.




        So with a khaki coat I should make sure it is paired with darker colors. Black, navy, dark denim...

        I assume that I should work to avoid pairing it with khakis and tans?

        Any pointers concerning how to button, the belt, open or closed... etc.