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What can I wear with these shoes

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    What can I wear with these shoes

    I've been saving up for some new shoes and I'm looking for some versatility. I don't really have to choose two between the two but am generally looking for a casual chukka and a dress boot. Do these fit the bill?

    The first option is this.

    From this chukka, I'm looking for something casual (jeans and chinos). Could I wear these with dress pants/flannel suit pants as well? would a dessert boot be a better option?

    The second option is a factory second alden boot.

    Can I wear these with everything from jeans to a suit?


    I haven't worn too many suits, but I would definitely wear those with some dark denim. The Varvatos looks nice, but I'd take the Alden nine times out of ten.



      Based on nothing but the picture, I'm not sure about those Aldens with a suit. It is tough to tell without seeing the laces pulled tight, but it looks like it may be too thick for a suit pant to hang over without looking messy.



        I probably wouldn't wear either with a suit...unless it was very casual (which flannel *might* be? you know the suit). And, this isn't from a very meticulous rules follower.

        Assuming those aldens are on barrie, they're not very sleek--I'm actually wearing a very similar pair today; awesome with jeans, but I wouldn't put them w/ a suit unless it was maybe a large check or heavy napped wool.

        I just don't like the varvatos...but that's not a very good rationale. There are very few chukkas I like.



          The Aldens are on a modified last. I should've specified that I would plan on wearing them with flannel suits during the winter, but hoping that they could match a regular wool or worsted wool suit too.



            The first pair can be worn with casual leaning suits (think flannels, tweeds, and corduroy). I wouldn't wear them to a state dinner.

            The second pair shouldn't be anywhere near a suit. They're nice looking boots, but they belong with a pair of jeans.