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How to support your favorite sports team?

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    How to support your favorite sports team?

    So I went to a party on Sunday to watch the Browns game (no comments, please), and I realized I was one of the only people not walking around in a jersey. Thing is, I have no desire to wear an overgrown logo with a name on it that probably won't be on the team outside 10 years.

    So I wanted to know if you support a team (football, baseball, soccer, nascar, whatevs), how do you join in that support without looking like A) a douchebag to everyone else and B) an extra in those godawful Bud Light ads. Any ideas? Do you layer team colors? Maybe wear a pair of socks with the team's logo?


    I support my fightin' Texas Aggies in my own way. I still wear my jersey when I go to stadium games, but if it's a TV game with friends, I dress a little better. For warm days, just pick a solid polo in the color of your choice. BOOM! Done. For cooler weather, layering is always on option. I wore a maroon/white checked shirt with a maroon v-neck sweater vest with jeans and dressy lace-up boots over to my brother's house to watch the game this past Saturday and nobody ever gave me a second look.

    As can happen when guys get together, be prepared for some razzing the first time. Just give it right back (without looking superior, of course). It's just guys being guys. They don't really care if they're your friends.



      I have Redskins season tickets. Everyone and their mother wears a jersey. I wear some jeans and this. I don't want to commit to any more jerseys because of a fact you stated above.

      You don't have to do a lot. Team colors are fine. If you're not into team apparel of any kind, maybe a rugby with the team's colors? Maybe a nice brown gingham shirt and orange v-neck (hey, working in the Browns colors here).

      I briefly considered a burgundy/gold tie. I'm afraid I'll look too much like Harry Potter.



        Easiest and most versatile would be polos. On the weekends, maybe a pullover or long sleeve tee. I personally have no problem with guys wearing jerseys, although I never would. I do think it's tough to keep up with free agency / player movement. If I were to wear anything player specific, it would be retro players.



          As a fellow Browns fan, I understand your lack of willingness to commit to a player's jersey.

          I wear a throwback Jim Brown jersey. I guess I am one of those Bud Light extras you see in the commercials lol. It is a sporting event. It doesnt really matter how fashion forward you look surrounded by thousands of drunk guys at a football game lol.

          With that said, the pull over that is posted above is nice. I think you can get away layering the brown and orange like the previous poster said if you refuse to purchase any team paraphernalia.



            I agree with what has been said. When I go to Jet games (ugh...tough loss yesterday), I wear a jersey. If I am just hanging out with friends watching the game, I go with a dark green shirt, nice jeans, and adidas sneakers. If you want to get more dressed up, you can wear a polo or button down.

            And as a Brown fan, you have 2 good fall colors to pick from.




              I'm pretty much on the same page as you, especially with the retro jersey mindset.



                Im a Pats fan so I didnt have too hard of a time committing to jerseys :P

                edit* FEEL IT MIKEB!!!! :P you guys had me nervous, I wont lie!



                  Well FWIW, the only jersey I have was given to me, and it's for college football. Instead of carrying a player's number, it carries the number 12 as in "12th man" because that is what the Aggie fans are known as.



                    If you're going to the game, something like a jersey is acceptable. Not so much if you're just watching on the tube. Where I come from, most games require you to get bundled up like the Michelin man to survive, so in addition to (or in place of) a jersey you can also do something a little more subtle like a striped scarf or knitted cap in your team's colors.

                    For the at-home viewer, I really like Old Navy's fitted team logo t-shirts. The material is very comfortable, fit is slim, and the designs are clean and not too busy. Plus at $20 they are more affordable than most licensed merchandise. You can dress up a little more with a sweater over a casual shirt in the team colors, or a fitted and not-too-obnoxious team jacket/sweatshirt like the one pictured above. Something simple over a white button-down shirt and dark, fitted jeans would work well for at home or at the sports bar.

                    On the dressiest end, you can always do a trad coat-and-tie look with the classic repp tie in your team's colors, plus maybe a watch on a NATO strap in the same. That might be the best way to show your team spirit at work before the game (or after a big win).




                      As a Skins fan, I'm accustomed to seeing big-name free agents' jerseys become popular for barely one season. That's why I rock one player's jersey, Hall of Famer/Redskins only Darrell Green. Good guy on and off the field and has a reputation I can be proud to wear on my back.

                      When I go to FedEx, I rock sweatshirts, gloves, and hats, and wear the jersey over the top. It's bulky, but honestly, sitting at an NFL game is the only time when fashion beyond team colors really doesn't matter. In fact, the people who show up to games with walking coats, leather gloves, and dress shoes look ridiculously out of place.

                      HTTR, Jared!



                        this is where i really appreciate the diversity of a soccer jersey. it can be worn as a regular tshirt for a day with the right temperature, showing a bit of flavor and personality. football and baseball jerseys are kinds of awkward outside of sports viewing occasions, not to mention wearing basketball jerseys for everyday outing.



                          @Focuspants - yeah I thought we were going to pull that one out. Hopefully we get our revenge Thanksgiving night!!



                            @BenR: On Fridays before college game days, I usually wear team colors to work in an ensemble like your last suggestion. There are also some schools that just really like to dress up such as SMU (where I'm currently going to grad school) and Ole Miss that will wear stuff like that to tailgate. I have the whole preppy gameday outfit ready to go (sweater vest and all), but haven't had a real occassion to wear it since it hasn't gotten cool enough to wear a jacket yet.



                              I think Ryan and Furious Styles are on the right track for those who want to wear a player's jersey. Pick a retired player, possibly with a retired number, maybe a hall-of-famer, preferably a championship winner. Ryan's Jim Brown jersey won't go out of style. Neither will my Bruschi #54. I see plenty of Paul Pierce's number at Celtics games, but when I sport a number, it's usually 00, 6, or 14, all of which are hanging in the rafters.

                              It's nice to wear team colors, but I don't see it as a requirement. If I'm heading to an evening game straight from work, I don't worry too much about the home team colors, but I do make a point of avoiding the opponents' colors if possible.

                              I don't see anything wrong with being decked out in a team jersey to watch the game at a pub or in a friend's living room. Appropriate attire really depends on the situation. I wouldn't wear black tie to a ball game, and I wouldn't wear a baseball jersey to a wedding. Polos, and other jackets or shirts with a small logo over the heart can be a good compromise, or simply matching the team's colors. For soccer, all you need is the scarf.