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the Inter players eager to race victory

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    the Inter players eager to race victory

    As the one before the game to go through tight and detailed preparation coach, Mourinho can not go by media reports to get each other's intelligence

    The two teams are preparing in Milan, authentic nfl jerseys,we can say, the two sides should get each other training in intelligence, is not too difficult thing.

    Ancelotti dared training have continued to smoke bomb

    An overweight children who dare to interfere with the opponent, and give up before the game to prepare?

    Is clearly not

    From head to toe are not

    Therefore, Mourinho preparing remains for the regular lineup of AC Milan

    At the same time, Mourinho did not intend to evolutions.

    AC Milan players were the words out to cheer myself up, but it is not unjustified.

    Inter Milan team of the first round 1-0 victory, and not enough to make Inter Milan greet the second round of the competition

    Game, AC Milan, as long as the wins, they still want to appear.

    1-0 winning both total score became a tie, the same number of away goals. It would have to go to extra time, while AC Milan goal in overtime, then Inter Milan will become extremely passive. More an away goal because that means AC Milan, Inter Milan team want the cut must scoring two goals in extra time, or eliminated Inter Milan

    Of course, more than a score of 2 to 1 or even winning, the more there is no suspense. AC Milan will qualify to the number of away goals advantage.

    Therefore, the light from the score, Wholesale Coach Handbags,then AC Milan's situation is not too too bad

    However, this is just the score on the possibility.

    Analysis from both psychologically, Inter Milan team returned is absolutely the best advantage. Three times this season beat AC Milan, as well as the league sweep AC Milan at the Giuseppe Meazza 6 0 performance, all the players are full of confidence in the victory over AC Milan in the second round

    Mourinho these days have to do is to sustain the confidence of the players at the same time, do not let them self-confidence excessive, thereby capsize

    Said such a thing simple, cheap authentic jerseys,but it was not so easy.

    Team throughout the season to the current nearly 50 games remain victory, and also want them mentality has maintained a modest, is it possible?

    Obviously impossible, after all, people are creatures of emotion, not a robot

    Of course, since the game against AC Milan players down does not appear too relaxed.

    After all, as the city rivals, the two sides of a century old scores, but placed where it

    Obviously will not give up any one of Inter to AC Milan tightly to the opportunity to step on the foot of the

    Mourinho is seizing this mentality of the players before the game two days preparing for, repeatedly stressed the significance of Derby, to arouse the fighting spirit of the players

    It can be said, the Inter players eager to race victory, has been thoroughly Mourinho to lit.


    With the fourth game of the season, and last approaching a Milan derby, Milan City once again dyed two colors of red, nfl jerseys china,black and blue-black

    Only this time, the blue-black belong to Inter Milan seem to be brilliant than ever.

    Red and black part of the AC Milan team dim a lot

    No way in the first three games, Inter Milan AC Milan team has completed an unprecedented season triple play. This was a fatal blow to the pride of AC Milan who

    Of course, the imminent competition, AC Milan fans show due enthusiasm. So as not to, the Meazza war in the week, the entire stadium become blue-black ocean embarrassing

    Before the game, AC Milan captain Paolo Maldini idol Kaka also have called for AC Milan fans Meazza cheer for the team to witness the team reversed Inter Milan, successfully into the semi-finals

    Their appeal or effect, at least the second round in the stadium AC Milan fans will not appear on the pitch than in the first round of the Inter fans less