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FS- Gathering of suiting and blazer options. (i.e. BR, Tommy H. Oscar de la...)

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  • Heafcliffe

    @Juan, thanks for the heads up.

    Appreciate the inquiries thus far. Wanted all to know I am pretty flexible, price-wise.

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  • jicarv
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  • jicarv

    @Heafcliffe - It looks like the mods did it for you.

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  • Heafcliffe
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  • Heafcliffe

    Yeah, I was thinking of doing that, but didn't want to have one long ass post. You make a good point though.

    Mods, can you erase the threads titled?

    FS- Tommy Hilfiger Brown Striped Suit

    FS- Banana Republic Chocolate Chalk Stripe Blazer

    FS- Banana Republic Glen Plaid Blazer

    FS- Banana Republic Tan Brushed Blazer

    FS- Oscar de la Renta Sport Coat


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  • jicarv
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  • jicarv

    Could you just make one thread with everything you are selling? Sorry, but it's annoying to see the site get clogged with 6 separate for sale threads from the same person!

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  • Heafcliffe
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  • FS- Gathering of suiting and blazer options. (i.e. BR, Tommy H. Oscar de la...)


    Hey, thought I would compress my allotment of posts into one. Sorry about that. Wanted to see if anyone would be interested in a couple of excellent suiting options and additional blazers/ sportscoats/ sport coats, etc.


    -Oscar de la Renta Hunter Green Sport Coat

    -46R, Notch lapel, 2-button

    -3 exterior & interior pockets, 4-button cuff (non-working)

    -Shell- Wool, Besom Pockets

    -Tan Suede Elbow Patches, Single Vent

    -Caveat: there is a very small hole on the left sleeve. Picture makes it look bigger. Can barely see it because of the lining fabric.

    Price: $65 obo.


    -Banana Republic Tan/ Brown Striped Suit. The color is kinda hard to explain but I hope the pics help. Classic fit.

    -44R, Notch Lapel, 3-button

    -3 Exterior & 3 Interior pockets

    Shell- Cotton, Lining- Acetate, Rayon

    -Side Vents, Angled Besom Pockets, 3 button cuff

    -Flat-front Pant 36-32, Unpleated

    Price: $80 obo.


    -BR Tan Brushed Cotton Blazer

    -44R, Notch Lapel, 3 exterior & interior pockets

    -3-button, 3-button cuff (non-working)

    -Shell- Cotton, Lining- Acetate & Rayon

    -Side Vents, Angled Besom Pockets

    Price: $65 obo.


    -BR Glen Plaid Sport Coat. Not really sure if this is called Glen Plaid but there are pics. Great early Fall or Spring blazer. Believe this would pair well with dark denim.

    -42L (shortened length and arms to 42R despite never wearing it)

    -New without tags, Never worn

    -Notch Lapel, 2-button, 3 exterior & interior pockets

    -4-button cuff, Shell- Cotton & Linen, Lining- Cotton

    -Side Vents, Besom Pockets

    Price: $70 obo.


    -BR Chocolate Chalk Stripe Sport Coat

    -NEW without tags, Never worn

    -44L, Notch Lapel, 2-button, 3-button cuff

    -Shell- Cotton, Lining- Poly & Acetate

    -Side Vents, 3 exterior & interior pockets, Besom Pockets

    Price: $50 obo.


    -Tommy Hilfiger Brown with Tan & Blue Stripe Suit

    -44R, Notch Lapel, 3-button, 4 Exterior & 3 Interior pockets

    -Ticket Pocket!

    -Shell- Wool, Lining- Acetate

    -Vibrant Blue Lining for pop

    -Side Vents, Besom Pockets, 4 button cuff

    -Cuffed Pant 38-32, Flat-front

    Price: $90 obo.

    Prices include shipping. PayPal only.

    If interested, [email protected].