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Lands end (not canvas) chambray

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    Lands end (not canvas) chambray

    These are pretty cheap, going for roughly $19. Can anyone comment on the fit? Im thinking billowy based on the pic, but the description says tailored fit. Otherwise, im going to get the chambray shirt by LEC which is $60 minus 30% off.



    That's actually a LEC shirt that's just been moved to the regular LE clearance section. So it should theoretically fit about the same as the more expensive one that's still up on LEC.

    LEC shirts are not as fitted as I would like them. They are fine untucked for casual wear, or wearing under jackets or sweaters, but they have enough excess material that I don't like to wear mine tucked without wearing something else on top.




      I bought this shirt in grey for around $12 on sale a while back. Like most LEC they run on the slimmer side. I wear a small at 5'9/155lbs.



        I'm 6'1/210 lbs and the large fits me perfectly around the chest and waist (which are both 43" so I'm not as slim as many guys here), but the sleeves are a bit too long. Still, it's the best fit I've found at LE for casual shirts (regular LE large is too big and medium is too small) so I'll likely be buying more from them (currently eyeing the plaid poplins).



          @zerostyle what's your chest size?

          5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist



            Does anyone have any experienc with this one?




              I own this shirt, and the first one fit pretty well. When it was down to $12 and there was a 30% off discount running, I bought two more in the same size as a test. For what it's worth, there were serious and noticeable differences in the sizing of each shirt. Soooo, if you are going to order it, maybe order two, keep the better fitting one, and return the other. This is what I've begun doing with LEC shirts and have found it's actually a pretty effective method. I like the brand but their consistency is sizing is probably one of the worst I've seen aside from low-end mall brands like Old Navy.

              Also note that the reviews of the original Lands' End (not Canvas) chambray shirt that the one linked to above replaced were very negative and they look like the same exact shirt. The thing was panned by 80% of reviewers for being HUGE, which is about what I expect from Lands' End, but apparently it was particularly bad with that shirt. Maybe they've fixed the sizing in the newest version of it, but I almost bought the old version because it was super cheap and the perfect color and was seriously dissuaded by the reactions to it. Buyer beware, I guess? I just haven't had a whole lot of luck with the fit of Lands' End stuff across the board, to be honest.



                i can't tell if the LE chambray in the OP the same exact shirt as the current LEC guildsman chambray.




                at least the buttons look different. and the photo of the shirt on the LE (not canvas) website makes the shirt look awful (cheap). the one on the canvas website looks a lot better. i'm inclined to buy both for a better look.

                pitseleh, looks like your saying the shirt in the OP link is not the same as the canvas.



                  I have no idea whether or not it's the same shirt. It could be - a lot of the detailing looks the same (and the buttons actually *do* look like the ones on my shirt), and it came in both of those colors in the initial run. On the other hand, it could be a similar looking update with a different fit.

                  What I'm saying is that regardless of whether or not it's the same or different shirt, be prepared to order a couple of each with the intent of sending all but one back. I have a couple shirts from their newer fall line and it's the same thing as before; fit can vary greatly between any two shirts of the same size/type. I'd avoid anything that isn't (or hasn't been in the past) on the Canvas site altogether, though. Of the two you linked, I think I prefer the look of the current LEC one, but as you said, that could be the photography.



                    @redford: my chest measures around 37" or so. I normally wear a 38R in jackets and am between a small or medium for most shirts. The small in that shirt is about as fitted as I can get without it being too tight though, so if you're close you might want to go with a medium.



                      I have this shirt in grey. I'm a textbook 36R for jackets, and the small fits pretty well. It gets a little wide for me, but it's perfect in the chest.

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                        I think the LEC Heritage Chambrays are the best value chambray/work shirts out there for quality and fit. On sale, of course.



                          i just saw that J Crew Factory has similar shirts in similar colors for similar sale price.