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Grenson shoes on Bonobos

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    Okay, if anyone is still following this, I got an email from Bonobos:

    "Looks like you may be right! We are so sorry about the error on our end with that information. I have informed our product team of the discrepancy here and asked that they look into the issue further, so hopefully if there are more mistakes in some of the Grenson descriptions we can get that sorted ASAP. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! We really appreciate the feedback, especially when it helps us improve our site and our products! Let us know if you'd like to send the Grensons back and we can definitely help out with that."

    The description's unchanged on the site as of now. But they acknowledged their mistake and offered to take the shoes back (I'm keeping them) so that's good enough for me.

    This thread's dead anyway. Time to wear me some new shoes!



      At least they acknowledged their error. They could have at least tried to make up for the error and offered you a little something. At least they offered to take them back if you didn't want them. For the price you paid though, I still they are pretty good shoes.