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    Just got mine in the mail. 3 things I think when I look at it, this is my first real suit so let me know if I am on track.

    This is a 36r by the way.

    1. It appears a little tight along the top button, I notice that it is pulling a little bit in that are

    2. The sleeves are a .5in to an inch long

    3. the body is an inch or so long

    What are your thoughts? Is there something I am missing?

    What would it cost (roughly obviously) to get those fixed?



      The body looks the right length to me. I think you may just be accustomed to seeing the shorter jackets that are trendy these days. "Correct" body length of a jacket is more open to interpretation than other aspects of a jacket's fit. If the jacket covers your entire rear end but isn't any longer, that's a pretty good, standard length.

      The fit through the torso is good. I don't think there's anything wrong with the pulling on the button - some may disagree with me, but I think a very slight pull on the button indicates a good trim fit. At least one men's style icon seems to confirm that.

      I think the only real work you would need done is shortening the sleeves. It looks like you'd need 1-1.5" taken off. At my tailor, that costs $34, but tailoring costs can vary widely. The best way to figure that out is to call around and ask.




        I agree with BenR, everything looks good, except for the sleeve length, which is 1" too long.



          You guys are great, thanks for the help. This one may show the pulling a little bit better[email protected]/8119987870/ I did notice that some of the pictures I looked at online had similar looks to them though.



            I think I agree with the body. I like my shorter as well. I am only 5'5" so a shorter jacket makes me feel taller.

            What we do in life echos throughout eternity.



              @eyerman so you say it should be shortened a little?



                @mdwsta4: Thanks for the excellent comparison of the colors.

                Unfortunately, I missed out on the 30% off sale that ended yesterday, but I will definitely jump on the next one.

                I'm planning to pick up one of the three colors, but I'm having quite a hard time. The navy and charcoal are perfect for pretty much any occasion (interviews, formal events, etc), but the light gray looks good too.

                My first choice would be the charcoal color, but from the site and the pic that you posted, it looks a tad dark (almost black?).



                  Scooby, do you have any suits already? I love the way that navy looks.



                    It doesnt have to be shortned. I got mine back from the tailor yesterday and its 1/4-1/2 too long for my taste. But thats not enough for me to spend $60 bucks on getting it shortned.

                    And the charcoal for me turned out...well charcoal. Wasnt close to black on mine. Im so happy with it I plan on getting all three colors.

                    What we do in life echos throughout eternity.



                      I wasn't that happy with the original Thompson I got since I got a 40R and even though my body fits my shoulders are very wide causing the lapels to flare out a little and also causing some pulling on the button. After reading this thread I may have to try the 100% wool in navy, get a 42R, and let my tailor work his magic.



                        @LosRockets: I have one black suit (Alfani) from Macy's that I got a few years ago. I had just discovered Dappered about a year ago, so I'm still pretty new to this whole fashion thing.

                        You're right about the Navy. It looks amazing (especially when under bright light), and I might pull the trigger when another sale pops up.


                          Hi guys,

                          So I got a last minute invite to a wedding happening second week of December so I have to pick up a suit within the next couple of days so I can make sure I have time for shipping and to take care of alterations. I'm looking at the Thompson and I'm really liking the style of it but I've got a few questions regarding fit if anyone can chime in. I've read through most of the posts as well as Joe's review on the main page but I'm still a bit uncertain about which particular size to go with. I've tried on the Macy's house brand Bar III and I fit into a 38R with a nice slim fit look. However; I was at the J.Crew store and although they don't have any of the suits, I did try a Ludlow blazer in size 38R which fit too large on my body (too long on arms and too loose at the waist) which the salesperson says is exactly the same on their suiting but I'm calling BS on that so I'm not sure if I should go with the Thompson 38R or 36R.

                          My sizes:
                          5'10.5 height
                          39.5in chest
                          34in arms (Dress shirt arm length)
                          31in waist
                          33in hips

                          I saw the post by LesserBlackDog in the 36R and that fit looks pretty good. I'm thinking of leaning towards the 36R but I'm just not sure if the arms would be too short.

                          Thanks for your input!


                            With your dimensions, I'd be worried the 36R would be too small on you. I'm an inch shorter and 15 lbs lighter than you, with a 37" chest, and the 36R works really well on me with just the sleeve length altered.

                            If I were you, if I had the financial flexibility, I'd buy both (especially since there is such a good deal going on right now - 30% off with free shipping) and return the one that didn't fit.


                              32x30 navy pants are apparently sold out. Site says not available until January 18, 2013 but allows you to proceed anyways. Seemed ridiculous to me to allow someone to order pants that wouldn't be shipped for two months, so I called and was told by a customer service rep that they expect more before that date, but would not be able to tell me when I might receive the pants if I ordered them tonight. Just as I get to treat myself with a new purchase from the most recent paycheck. Frustrating.


                                I have it in dark charcoal but I'm really contemplating ordering the navy blue one since I don't have a navy suit and its 30% off w/ free shipping hmmm....