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Introducing... The Peak Lapel

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    Introducing... The Peak Lapel

    I've had an idea for a men's style website for quite some time now. I have been squeezing in style related posts into my current site ( but it really needs its own place.

    It seems like quite a lot of you have been wanting another good style site to follow that isn't *just* pictures of people wearing clothes (but would have some), but rather is an overall men's style site. Deals, reviews, pictures, links, and more. Well, I think that's what The Peak Lapel is. If you like Dappered, I think you'll like TPL as well.

    I really hope it delivers.

    It's currently very new and so not everything is totally final or done yet. There is only one post to give you a taste of things, but there will be plenty more coming. Got a review of a J.Crew winter jacket coming up soon, for instance.

    Do let me know what you think.

    Follow the site on Tumblr, subscribe, add it to your bookmarks, etc. Enjoy!





      Excellent, thanks!

      I will follow. I try to do a little bit of the same with my own blog.

      "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius