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How to Get The Most from StyleForum?

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    How to Get The Most from StyleForum?

    I've been telling myself not to bother with StyleForum for all this time, but it seems like I can no longer help myself. That being said, the site is way more confusing and crowded than the Threads here.

    Any help with how to get the most out of the site? What are the parts that I should be looking at?


    SF is quite the place. It just takes some getting used to as there is sooo much information and so many people. There are a lot of folks there that are truly experts in a variety of areas of style (famous tailors, experts on identifying high end clothing, people that can look at a tag and tell you the year something was made). They aren't just blowing smoke. That being said, there are a lot of unpleasant folks as well. I've found SF most helpful as a resource that I read with a giant grain of salt. For many folks there, AE shoes are unacceptably low quality. $2500 bespoke shoes or bust. I just kind of breeze past their comments, but they do have a lot of knowledge.

    I would pick a couple active threads (the thrifting, their version of the WIWT, and some about shoes in my case) and just follow them for awhile. I seldom actually contribute.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      I visit Style from time to time. Like greg_s said, the WIWT and thrifting threads are a good place to start. I would add the Buy/Sell threads to the list. You can sometimes find nice things there.



        Good thoughts. I'm there infrequently, but as mentioned there is a ton of information, it just takes a lot of time to sort through. I'll echo the level of snobiety (that's a word right? Snob-itude?). I too posted about looking for loafers under $200 and was met with scoffs, disdain, and suggestions of items north of $500. In the end, it is all about having the right expectations.

        Utilize the search features lest ye be mocked, ignored, or worse...

        "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



          i find the "every subject under the sun gets a sticky and if you post something that at some point in time has been answered you're an idiot" model to be a major turn-off. it's impossible to digest everything in a thread on styleforum. i'd much rather there be redundant threads and questions than have everything marshalled into one gigantic compendium.

          i think this forum strikes a nice balance - a couple of stickies that make sense to sticky, and then freedom elsewhere.



            It's a good place to search if I need an answer to a random specific question. It seems like a nightmare to participate or browse on a regular basis.



              second greg's comment. the level of superiority and arrogance shown by some on SF is quite spectacular.



                Interesting place with smart people I would never want to meet at a party.



                  Haha, great comparisons.

                  "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



                    I agree it's a little snobbish, but I'm on there every day (uh, yes I have no life) and it's my main source of fashion info. I think I have over 500+ posts and I've been called out a few times, but for legit reasons (not using search, being stupid, etc). I seriously believe that SF is the BEST community on the internet when it comes to mens fashion, hands down.

                    Good threads that I subscribe to and find to be the best. They are a mix of threads from both the mens clothing and streetwear boards =

                    Clarks Desert Boots


                    Howard Yount: Affiliate thread


                    WAYWRN: MC Casual Style


                    Meermin. Carmina 2nd brand?


                    Poor man's watch thread


                    Epaulet shop - Official Affiliate thread


                    The Tailors' Thread: Fit Feedback and Alteration Suggestions


                    Should I or shouldn't I buy... (clothing item)?


                    Sunglasses MEGATHREAD - all sunglass questions here please


                    The official thrift/discount store bragging thread


                    suede shoes - post 'em here!


                    Official Sales Alert thread


                    When is the Next Brooks Brothers Sale? (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)




                      I really wonder the mean income, level of debt, and family/relationship situation of many of the people on SF. If you're spending that much on clothes and are that snobby, you're either rich or in tons of credit card debt. And for the life of me, I cannot imagine a girlfriend or wife (or partner of any other sort) that would tolerate such ridiculous spending. Or that type of attitude toward others.

                      When I was in a relationship, I spent more on her than on myself. Now that I'm single, I'm getting those basics (navy jacket, nice suit, shoes) that I need. When I'm in a relationship again, the focus and money goes back toward her (and I don't mind, her company means more to me than Vass shoes never can). So I just wonder how their partners/kids/whatever can handle that. I like the community here, it seems to be more level-headed and balanced in terms of what really matters in life.

                      That being said, I wander over there for info when I need it on certain things (shoes, usually) or maybe once a month I'll look at the thrifting thread and the WAYWRN Mens Casual thread.




                        Or maybe they have high paying jobs =




                          @amathew - yeah I meant that by rich. Don't really think that most of them are old-money types. It's clear that a lot of them have high paying jobs and professional degrees. They're a smart bunch, no doubt.



                            Oh, and the thread I visit the most on there

                            How would you like a girl to dree




                              if they have well paid jobs, good for them on being productive members of the society. but do treat others who can't afford $2000 suits or choose not to with dignity and respect. the attitude there sometimes is almost criminalizing of those who want to look good yet do it on a budget.

                              that being said, there is a lot of good knowledge and discussion on SF, and i tremendously enjoy their shoe porn threads.