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Advice wanted - Florsheim No String Wings

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    Advice wanted - Florsheim No String Wings

    Hi all,

    Shift and Void just shared this pretty great deal on Florsheim No String Wings: (<$60 shipped). The grey ones are not available in my size. However, the Navy suede ones and the black leather ones are. The navy suede just seems like a good casual option that probably won't be in heavy rotation until spring, but will be awesome once it does warm up.

    The black leather look good as beater wingtips to wear to work when the weather isn't great or when I just need to give my other sheos a break, but I don't expect to be thrilled with the way they look (not bummed, but not in love).

    I don't NEED either pair, but either of them could be useful as outlined above. Any feedback on the quality of these over time? Some earlier reviews around here were promising, but I haven't seen any mention of long-term wear. At this price, if I could get a year or so out of them, it would probably be worth it, but I do kind of hate to buy cheap and low quality if I'm not in immediate need...

    I guess I'm inviting everyone to either talk me or push me off of the ledge...


    I have the navy suedes. I actually got them at DSW in buffalo in the clearance section for 35 bucks I have worn them maybe 10-12 times and they look as good still as when i got em. Tjat isnt too long term but thats all i can offer up. They are super light and comfortable and are probably one of my most complimented items. I love navy with red brick soles. Its a worthwhile purchase if u think you can find use for them.



      That is a hell of a deal! I'd buy both at that price. Thanks for the feedback. I also like the navy and red brick and I think they will look great with my grey Bonobos seersucker suit when the time comes. I should also point out that I absolutely intend to wear these with laces.



        I was heavily considering the navy suede ones myself. I was unsure of what I might wear them with and was looking for some actual in-use photos for inspiration. Flash forward to today and I got a nice little parking ticket this morning! Thought it was a different day of the week, woops. Bye bye No-Strings.

        Regardless, Focuspants, do you have any images you might be willing to share of how they look in one of your outfits?



          I wouldn't typically recommend them in leather (I got them in mid-brown leather, quality isn't great), but for a pair of beaters, they would be fine. The thing I dislike the most about those shoes is the cut there :

          It is much more obvious in the brown leather version and makes the shoe looks cheap.

          I'm not sure the sole will last a long time as it is kind of...foamy? But for the 15-20 times I wore them, they are still fine.

          I would still buy another pair, but in navy suede this time.



            I wear my grey ones with dark jeans, navy or beige khakis. Very versatile and almost interchangeable with light brown shoes. I get lots of compliments on them.

            I'd like to pick up the navy ones, but think I'd have a hard time finding clothes that would complement it.



              Im not sure that's a "cut", I think it's stitching. The sides of the tongue are attached to the vamp with elastic panels, so it can be worn without laces. This makes it hard to put on, and for me, the no-lace look is absurd; I uses laces. The cut/stitching is very visible and unsightly on the brown leather, but not very visible at all on the navy suede. The broguing isn't very visible on the navy suede, either.

              I wore the brown ones around and about for a long weekend of rainy weather, indoors and out, on pavement and grass and gravel, and they're really showing the wear (only time I've worn them). They're very light and comfortable, but the leather is really starting to crease and the part right next to the arch, just above the sole, is looking all wrinkled. I haven't done any water treatment; just conditioner and polish. For cheap money, not a bad choice for brogues that you can wear in wet weather, but I would not buy the brown ones again for more than $50 or so.

              The blue suede haven't been worn in wet weather, only indoors, and they're holding up quite well. But they're not very comfortable after standing in them for a few hours. I wear them while performing in a band. Maybe I'll try with some cushioned insoles. They still look OK, still lightwieght, and several compliments from the ladies.

              The sole is very lightweight, but I think it will wear out easily. Not enough time in them to tell, but that's the impression I get. It's not a great shoe, but it might be a good value at $50 or so. I've already forgotten what I paid for them; DSW list price I think.



                I think ill have occasion to wear them tomorrow but be warned, I am going to wear them with my pink travel jeans from bonobos. Prepare your eyes! (will try to get you a pic tomorrow )



                  @Cause Moe Looks like two separate pieces of leather glued/stitched togheter.

                  I found a picture of the actual shoe on my phone where you can see the cut/stitching (and my bicycle socks).



                    OK, you all talked me into it. I ordered a pair of the blue suede. Now the question is what color laces...



                      @Shomas Great! I would say red, but I'm not sure with the sole.



                        i bought both this one (in brown, from DSW) and the stafford one, cost about the same. decided to return the florsheim. the sole is just too foamy like you can pinch a whole in it with a finger, the stafford one has rubber sole too, but feels much sturdier. but i never wore it, maybe it hold up very well can last a long time. the good thing is that it's very very light, possibly because of the sole material.



                          I liked how light these were but couldn't get over the foamy sole and the elastic on the upper. Decided against them. Hope they work out for you, they look great!



                            There are spurts of rain once in a while here today. That and the generally wet conditions may prohibit me from wearing suede today If it dries up I will deliver, if not, youll have to wait a day!