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Man with wide feet needs help

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    Man with wide feet needs help

    I need help in purchasing comfortable shoes. I'm an avid runner with wide feet that have bunions. My wife wants me to have surgery, but I'm not there yet. In the meantime, I want to purchase some stylish shoes, but I need some that will accommodate my feet. So far Johnston & Murphy and Bacco Bucci work for me, but I would appreciate any recommendations for a little variety in my closet.


    What kind of surgery can you get? Foot width reduction?

    Seriously though, I have wide/flat feet and I look for brands, like Allen Edmonds, that have different width sizes.



      I wish they had foot width reduction, but the surgery would remove my bunions. Thanks for the suggestion.



        I'm surprised J&M work for you. I feel like they tend to have narrow lasts. I also have bunions/wide feet and had to size up (for a wider toe box) for the one pair of J&M's I own and I don't find them all that comfortable on days where I walk a lot.

        I agree that finding brands w/ wide widths, like AE and, for running shoes, New Balance is crucial. This makes bargain hunting hard, though (my J&M's were $65, which is great, but the comfort level is lacking). I've come to the conclusion that this is one of those situations where you shouldn't sacrifice comfort for style.

        For shoes that don't have wide widths, my feet feel ok in a pair of Clarks Bushacres and a pair of Cole Haan wingtips w/ the Nike air technology. But I consider those passable rather than ideal in terms of comfort.

        Also, get orthotics if you don't already have them. And consider substituting non-impact cross-training, like cycling or swimming, for some of your running.

        Why does your wife want you to get the surgery? For aesthetic reasons? Or for pain reasons? Cause my understanding of it is that you should begin to consider surgery seriously when you have persistent bunion pain. The recovery period after the surgery seems like a bitch, though.



          Don't have the surgery man.... The outcomes are very mixed and painful......I'm a reflexologist who specializes in men's foot conditions and surgery is very mixed.... Have you tried conservative measures? I'm happy to share different thing to try if interested.... Drop me an email.....



            First, don't get the surgery if you avoid it.

            I would like to second the recommendation for Allen Edmonds shoes. I would also like to recommend that you go to an Allen Edmonds store so you can be fitted for a pair of shoes by one of their specialists, when i was fitted for my fifth aves i was told they have 92 different configurations, finding the right one for you on your own might not be easy.

            When it comes to running shoes I suggest going to specialty running shoe store they usually carry the largest variety of running shoes and they help find the right shoe for you. For example, in the Boston area, there is a chain of running/walking stores called "Marathon Sports" that could cater to you.

            Hope this helps!