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Dude.... work shirts!! Stuff doesn't fit.

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    Dude.... work shirts!! Stuff doesn't fit.

    I'm 6'2, 200lb, early 20's with no noticeable gut happening, mostly muscle/leanness. But because of genetics my freaking neck/shoulder sizes are not even close to matching my waist. This has proven to be quite an ordeal on the topic of work shirts for the reason that I do not intend on constantly visiting tailors or paying through the nose for made-to-measure. I am virtually always 16.5neck 35sleeve. 16.0neck chokes, bad. I'm not gigantic-WWE sized by any means but people aren't looking at me thinking 'I could take this twig.' I'm not twiggy, so how is this such a problem, I wonder? Nobody's ever told me I have a fat neck.

    So noting the 'off the rack' goal and also noting the top button must be buttoned for work, what's a guy to do?

    Brands I have attempted in the past year or two, but to varying failure:

    Express - top button is not even close / sleeves short

    Arrow fitted/slim(Kohls brand) - close, although billows

    Brooks Brothers extra slim - Shoulder are too short/small, not quite

    Banana republic - billow extreme

    J Crew - billow

    Macy's (in general) - billow

    what would you point a guy like me towards? Thanks!





      Have you tried CK's Slim Fit Line? Just this weekend I (6'0-6'1ish, athletic 185lbs) tried them on, and they had a very nice V-Taper. The only barely noticeable problem was the length of the sleeves, but since you're taller than me, maybe they are worth checking out.



        Try the extra slim line of Express? Not that I particularly like the material but they generally do have something that will fit with their 3 fits of shirts.

        5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist



          I noticed you said Macy's, have you tried DKNY from there? I picked up a shirt last week in a slim fit(I believe), it fit too snug on my tree trunk body, it may have a better drop in the waist for you.



            frank and oak?



              Is tailoring really that big of an issue? Taking the sides in on a shirt is not that expensive, and it sure beats this ongoing search for compromise.



                I'm not quite as tall as you, but close. I'm 6' and about 195lbs. Athletic, blah, blah, blah. Shirt size for me is 16.5 x 35. For good fitting shirts that are work appropriate, I've had pretty good luck with the following:

                Calibrate from Nordstrom

                Bonobos shirts in size M

                Lands End tailored fit

                Those are the best coming to mind right now. I'll scan through my closet later and see if there's anything else to add.



                  You say the top button has to be buttoned for work. I'm assuming you have to wear a tie? If so, you can try some collar extenders to give you room around the neck:




                    I also have an over-thick neck. You might try Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit. They haven't exactly been a silver bullet for me, but they aren't terrible and others like them a lot - and they might be better for you than for me since you sound fairly athletic. You can usually find reasonable deals that get them down in the $35-$50 range. Maybe even lower if you have an outlet near you.



                      @ryannosaurus, i measure the same as you in almost every aspect.(6 2, 205lbs, 16.5 neck, 35 sleeve, 42 chest etc..)

                      I had good experience with Calibrate Trim Fit (I think Joe did review on one of their shirts)

                      Calvin Klein eXtreme Slim Fit is another one that comes to mind.



                        My beef with Express shirts is that the fused collars and cuffs start to warp. Other than that, the material seems to hold up fine.



                          +1 for collar extenders. Can't hurt to try... Unless shoulders are still a problem. Then you might still be SOL.



                            +1 on tailoring. Taking the sides in is a cheap and easy job. Find a brand you like that fits well in the shoulders and neck and spend the $10-15 bucks per shirt a tailor will charge you to taper it correctly to your waist.

                            I think the Brooks Brothers sale is coming up in the next week or so. If Extra Slim doesn't fit the shoulders, just get Slim and tailor them. Charles Tyrwhitt shirts are always 4 for $200 or less so you could try their slim fit too.



                              At the end of this episode Jesse shows how his tailor takes the sides in: