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[REVIEW] massive target review

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    [REVIEW] massive target review

    this fall i fell in love with target. i like the way its casual button-downs fit, the price is always right, and, well, target just "gets me." so, when joe posted about the target sale, i immediately got beyond the guilt that accompanies my shopping and just dove in. i can post pictures if people want, but i'm lazy, so for now everyone will have to content themselves to my wonderful prose.

    mossimo corduroys - 87402

    i got these in 32x30, my normal pants size, in brown. i like the color - it's not a very deep brown, but it's darker than tan. as for fit, it's definitely a little tight on my legs - a common refrain for me. these are "skinnier" through the legs than bonobos straight leg washed chinos and most levi's straight leg. i can already feel them "giving" a little, so they probably have some room to get broken in.

    merona quilted jacket - 87402

    I got this in medium as they were out of smalls. it's a bit big on me, but that's probably for the best because this thing isn't heavy. if it's anything other than brisk outside, you'd need a sweater under it to stay warm. i love the way it looks, so form wins out over function and i'm keeping it.

    merona men's peacoat - 87402

    i'm not an authority on pea coats, but i'd venture a guess that this is a solid peacoat that's probably not super warm but does the job. the heather charcoal is as pictured and looks good. i got a small, which was SNUG on me (38r, some 38s, 15.5/32-33, mostly wear smalls). i have fairly broad shoulders for my height, and it was super snug there - could barely lift my arms. but, i've read/heard that peacoats should be as fitted as possible, so i'm assuming it's the right size.

    Target Merona Striped Rugby - 87402

    i got this in blue/white and the colors are nice. they were out of smalls in this color, so i got a medium, and it's just about right. material-wise, it's decently thick and feels well made. i just got one of the lands end canvas rugby shirts (not the french terry one), and this feels markedly thicker and better made.

    long sleeve henley - 87402

    wearing a small right now, it fits great, and is super comfy.

    mossimo 60/40 cotton poly blend marled t-shirt - 87402

    got it in small, length is a bit long, but other than that the fit is great.

    basically, i regret none of my purchases and they all seem to be solid+ for a cheap price. i love target so much i want to take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant.


    Potentially a stupid question: Why are all the likes Isn't that an ad-tracking thing?



      i copied the links from the front page of dappered.



        I got the quilted jacket yesterday in small (size downish) and while I like it I will say that the arm holes are low like in many blazers. The sleeves are quite wide up by the shoulder but do taper to a nice width by the wrist. Also like mr. mr. said, it is thinner than I thought it would be. Will still probably keep it, however.

        5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist



          I got the quilted jacket in the mail yesterday. I got it in a large. It's ok. Wish I had ordered both the medium and large to try it. It's not too bad, a little light but that's what I was expecting. I've been wanting a quilted jacket like this for a while but couldn't handle dropping a few hundred on a polo or burberry one just for a light jacket. and for $20 it'll do.



            I just got the quilted jacket too. I like it, but I got it mainly as a light cover for a blazer or suit jacket, and it's way too short for that. I could deal with it being an inch short, but it's too much. So cheap I may keep it, but not sure.

            My wife got the women's version to wear by itself and it looks great.



              I just got two pairs of the Merona Tailored Fit Chinos in the mail. They are a steal for the price they are at right now. The fit is solid and they seem decently constructed.



                I tried on the new JCP chinos last night and the fit and fabric was great. Has anyone compared the Merona Chinos to the JCP Chinos? Seem to be in a similar price range and I will say I like the fit of the JCP dress shirts better than Merona though they are on the thinner side.

                I like have 2 stores on the cheaper side with quality products. Plus it allows you to change up the color with the season with dropping a ton of money.