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    Help pick my next shoe!

    Hey all. I'm relatively new to men's fashion and have only 4 "acceptable" shoes thus far (the rest being square-toed slip-ons and running shoes), and I need help picking my next one and prioritizing my future shoe acquisitions.

    The 4 shoes I currently have are:

    1. Black captoe oxfords (AE Park Avenue)

    2. Black penny loafers (Cole Haans from way back in '03)

    3. Brown captoe oxfords (Cole Haan Air Adams)

    4. Blue canvas sneakers (Converse Chucks)

    Here are my candidates for my next shoes (feel free to add your own):

    a. Suede chukkas/desert boots

    b. Brogue captoes in walnut (think AE Strand)

    c. Calf or cordovan longwings in burgundy

    d. Boat shoes in navy blue

    I'm leaning towards a brown suede chukka (Clarks) as my next one, as I think I can dress it up for smart casual (dark jeans, dress shirt, blazer or v-neck sweater), or dress it down to casual (jeans and a polo). It's less formal than my brown captoes, and more dressed-up than my Converse chucks. Not sure if I should do dark brown suede or taupe suede though.

    Would appreciate your advice on what I should get next, and how I should prioritize my future shoe buying given the above options. Thanks.

    P.S. Demographic info: I'm a 25 yr-old single man in L.A.


    I'd say a brown blucher. They go great with sport coats, and will fill a different hole in your wardrobe than brown oxfords. I personally have the AE Kenilworth Joe has mentioned, and it's really versatile.

    Relevant to the discussion:



      I would say is you more often find yourself in business casual or dressier situations, go for another brown oxford/blucher (with broguing for the ladies). If you more often find yourself in casual/smart casual situations, go desert boots.



        Aw man you could've got a pair of Clark Desert Boots on Amazon the other day for $45. They had some daily sale on a lot of them. I would so pick up a pair of CDB if you do not have a pair already.



          @JeffN - thanks for the links, those were really good reads. The Kenilworth looks good and I'll definitely consider it next time it goes on sale. The reviews on the AE website keep referring to some sort of "bowing" problem though - have you experienced that at all with your Kenilworths?

          @Deke - I wear business casual to work everyday, but I'm covered with my black and brown captoes (I alternate them at work everyday). I'm looking for smart casual I guess, e.g. when my friends and I go to a nice bar/lounge, brown captoes feel too dressy while Converse chucks feel too casual.

          @TravisB - wow that was a really good deal! Amazon has them on sale again today for around $75ish though, so I might pounce right now. But I'm not sure if brown suede or taupe suede is best, any thoughts?



            AE Amok




              Taupe suede. Grey is also nice.

              Also I've heard bad things about the Amok. And I've got the Malverns in brown suede and they feel a little potato-ish at times.



                I've been looking at the Malverns. What the heck does "potato-ish" mean? I'm not looking for anything to put in my potato cannon, these would be for my feet.



                  Haha...I was wondering the same thing regarding the "potato-ish" comment on the Malverns. I've also been eyeing these boots.



                    I second Deke's suggestion. If you opt for the brown oxford/blucher next, then I'd prioritize a DB as the purchase after that. Really, given your stated needs for this shoe, I think the latter would be perfect for a bar and the former perfect for a lounge.



                      Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I have a pair of taupe suede CDB's on the way!

                      Sounds like the consensus for my next shoe after that is a brown derby or another brown oxford. I'm considering the AE Strand in walnut (waiting for the next Nordstrom anniversary sale though). The Kenilworth that JeffN mentioned looks great, but the AE website has a lot of negative reviews due to bowing - have any of you experienced this with this shoe?

                      I want a burgundy shoe too at some point but am unsure about style/brand. Thinking of longwings or a wingtip as I don't have either yet and they seem nice in burgundy. Considering boat shoes (Sperrys) too, for daytime wear with shorts, but not sure on color (brown seems popular, and navy with white laces looks nice too).



                        Help picking your next shoe? Don't you want two of them?



                          @Alan, yeah but I'm trying to figure out how to prioritize which ones should come next, can't really afford to buy them all at once, so there will probably be a gap of several months between each of my shoe purchases.



                            LOL sorry I was just trying to play on words... shoe vs shoes. I guess I flopped. :-P



                              @Alan - That's what I thought when I saw this video at 0:48....