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Black - How to do it (and more importantly how not to)

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    Black - How to do it (and more importantly how not to)

    I've been thinking about getting a black watch, specifically this one ZKR&coliid=I3BNDUDVJJ1BE

    Is there anything I should avoid wearing with this (keeping in mind that it would be for casual use only)? For instance all of my shoes and belts are brown would it look bad to wear it with them? And what about clothing? Would it be relegated to jeans only or would brown chinos or coords look ok?

    And on a side note, it appears that the watch is sold by someone other than amazon but "fulfilled by amazon". Does that mean that the seller is more reputable or would it be better to spend a few extra dollars and get it from amazon directly?


    I have this watch and I wear it all the time on the weekends. Lots of people say to "match your leathers" but brown and black seem to be more and more acceptable. You said it best. For casual use only.

    As for Amazon, I try to get things sold and fulfilled by Amazon because I have Prime. Free 2-Day shipping. Fulfilled by Amazon just means they have it in their warehouse but it is being sold by a third party. I'd check into the reputability of the third party because if you have problems, Amazon won't be the one you'll be dealing with (other than returns of course).



      @jh - I have that same watch and I changed the band to a NATO, something like this:

      Now, it pretty much matches with any casual outfit and shoes.

      You could also change the band to a brown leather band to match your brown shoes and belt. Changing the band is quite simple and totally changes the look of the watch.

      I personally would pay the extra few bucks and buy it direct from Amazon. This way if anything goes wrong, you avoid dealing with a third party. Amazon customer service is phenomenal.



        For most things in men's fashion, black is generally the wrong choice. Watches are an exception to this rule. If you're finicky about matching your leathers, a watch on a black strap might not be the best choice unless you regularly wear black shoes (which most of us here on Dappered seem not to). However, a black dial is perfectly neutral and goes with just about everything. The "matching" rule likewise does not apply to textiles or things like rubber - it's no faux pas to wear black rubber or nylon with brown leather shoes and belt. The watch's strap is fine, but you can certainly replace it at some point with brown leather (if you usually wear brown shoes/belt) or a NATO in olive green or some other color besides black.

        As far as WHEN to wear it, honestly, you can probably wear it with just about anything, up to and including a suit. While this isn't a traditional dress watch by any stretch, it's small and subtle and, if worn with a leather strap, could pass pretty easily for a formal watch as far as most people are concerned. (After all, we live in a day and age when a Rolex Submariner or an Omega Seamaster SMP define most people's perceptions of a "suit-worthy watch.")

        The small, subtle field watch is one of the most versatile watch styles out there. I wouldn't hesitate to wear it dressed up or down if I were you. A leather strap, maybe in a crocodile grain, will really open up the possibilities in terms of more formal attire.




          The watch I regularly wear has a silver face and black leather band. I never give it a second thought.



            I think that if the band is not leather, then you're fine.




              I've got the same watch in blue, and have been tempted to buy it in black for the sole purpose of throwing a brown leather band on it. That top pic of BenR's is money.



                I get tons of compliments on this guy...bought the strap on Ebay for about 10 bucks.. been great to me.



                  Thanks for all the input, guys. I definitely feel like I have a better grasp of what is appropriate for this watch. The suggestions to swap out the strap are all good ones too, I will definitely consider that.

                  @BenR - that picture is pretty awesome, I particularly like the glasses.

                  @GRussell - the blue one looks great too... So does the cream colored one and the olive colored one... I had a hard time picking just one color, but I think I like the black.



                    "For most things in men's fashion, black is generally the wrong choice."

                    Probably the stupidest thing I've read on this forum to date.




                      That was one of the first articles I read when I first started checking dappered. Love it.



                        i had that watch and i loved it. had to sell it on ebay though, as i was a travelling consultant for a long time and i didnt wear it enough to keep the "automatic" juice in the watch flowing. - and i just coudnt justify buying a watch winder that cost as much or more than i paid for the watch