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Uniqlo online store opening on 10/22

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    i just got my first shipment of clothes from uniqlo - the heattech stuff for kids is awesome

    aside from that, i ordered a couple of jeans, one in a green (came out more military green than olive) and a blue (that came out a bit too turqoise). i'm normally a classic fit kind of guy due to my larger (well-fed) frame so i sized up on the jeans. the crotch was way too high and it was too tight on my thighs so those are definitely going back.

    on a less fashionable note, i got a fleece shirt/pajama set and its super comfy and looks to be nice and warm, so those are a keeper. i couldnt bring myself to try the shirts because after taking a look at the measurements, they'd either be too slim for me or would need tailoring. at that point id rather just pay more for something like charles tyrwhitt, neiman marcus last call, or even ledbury.

    wife got a lounge dress/shirt thing that came out very nice as well. but i have to re-emphasize how awesome their kids clothes are.

    after reading so much about uniqlo in GQ i was hyped, but kind of let down. its really just a place to get some basic items and whatnot for me, i think H&M is better served for the type of stuff they offer.



      Does anyone know why they only offer 1 or 2 inseams on their pants?



        I have my eye on their trench, has anyone seen it in person?



          I was also wondering about the inseams. 34 seems to be the only option for the ones I've been looking at.



            Re: Uniqlo inseams

            Uniqlo stores offer free in-house hemming so that's why they only offer one or two inseams in every style.



              I just got the wool grey/blue and brown cord sport coats. I also got a lambswool sweater.

              Im 5'8 and about 155lbs. 39 chest and 31 waist.

              I ordered size small on everything.

              The jackets fit closely, but I can still wear a thin sweater underneath comfortably.

              The cord fits a bit better than the wool. The wool shoulders fold in an odd way, similar to stuff I've tried from Zara.

              Overall fit is great though. Sleeves need to be shortened an inch or so, but that will be cheap.

              The sweater is OK. Color is nice, and its pretty thick and warm. Body fit is great, sleeves are about an inch longer than I'd like. I'll probably stick with the br merino instead.

              I recommend the jackets. Better than other stuff at this price point. No shoulder padding, and nice and slim even in a regular fit.



                Just received my first uniqlo order yesterday

                Thoughts... First, they sent me a massive box. I honestly thought there might be a small Japanese man in there to hand deliver me my clothing.

                Lambswool sweater, in grey. Very nice, and quality is so incredibly far above the $20 I spent on it. I bought a medium, and I'm 6' 165lbs and its a great fit. Particularly nice are the long arms. The BR sweaters are always too short in the arms, and I have longer than average arms. These are perfect if you're at that 35 arm length. I will be keeping this, and looking to get another color, or two.

                Corduroy blazers. So there are the regular and slim fits on these so I bought one of each (brown and black). The slim fit, in medium was spot on, and again the extra arm length was a great match for my 35" requirement. The black is nice. Quality suggests its more like something between $150-$200. Very pleased with the slim fit in black. Now...the regular cut in brown... This ones going back. The fabric is beautiful but the cut is just totally bizarre, tons on room under the arms despite a great fit around the waist. It looks like it has been cut for a body builder...odd. Oh well, 1 for 2 isn't bad.

                Japanese made jeans (straight fit). Another one going back....sorry to say. I actually love the fabric and i so wish these could work, but they just don't. The crotch is cut so short that it literally looks like someone is giving you a wedgie from the rear view. My fiancé laughed when I showed her this. It's just plain odd, and its something I've never felt in a pair of jeans. Great fabric I said, I wanted to love these, but there's just no getting around this bizarre cut.

                So all in all, 50% keep rate for me, and I love the keepers. This is a great value brand and the quality exceeded my expectations. Very pleased to have another brand to go to.



                  As someone with a big drop from chest to waist, I love the fit of the regular cord.



                    @Bw How much do you think you'd be able to dress up the sweaters? Do you think you could wear them with a dress shirt and tie? Or is it more suited to a casual shirt and blazer?

                    Which corduroy jacket is the "slim fit"? I can't seem to find any marked as such. And how is the length on the blazers? They look rather chopped online. Is that the case?



                      Does anyone own some of their pants and do they fit true to the waist size stated on the tag? I was checking the size guide and the waist measurements were a little off compared to the size. Ex. 34 pants have 35 waist width. It would great if they offered free hemming on online orders, at least shortening the inseam.



                        I can't figure out how to easily identify what is a slim fit vs. regular fit unless it explicitly says (slim fit) in the product name.

                        For the cord jackets, as near as I can tell:

                        - Regular fits are the ones with 2% spandex and only come in brown & black

                        - Slim fits are the ones that come in a bunch of colors

                        The lambswool is pretty casual; not smooth like a merino. Most of the colors are inappropriate for most suits, but I suspect the greys and blues would be fine with a more casual suit (flannel / tweed / cord). I'd go merino for something more formal.

                        The blazers are definitely on the short side. The smalls I ordered fit like a 38S from banana republic with longer sleeves.

                        @brokenbones: It's called vanity sizing, and virtually every maker of men's pants does it. a 34 only being a 35 waist is remarkably close, actually. When I had a 35 inch waist, I fit comfortably in most brands size 32s.



                          My Chesterfield Coat came in yesterday. I'm 6'2", 195 lbs, muscular and wear a 42L jacket usually and the XL coat fit me perfectly across the shoulders. The sleeves will need about a half inch taken off, and the waist needs to be brought in (tailors can do overcoats, right?), but otherwise it's a great coat. The wool and lining both feel like they're from something that cost more than $130. And at that cost, paying for some alterations is fine by me.



                            My stuff got here as well. I found both the lambswool and the merino sweaters to be too long (though the lambswool was a lot longer). For the merino, it's just slightly too long, and the fit is otherwise really nice, so I think I'll probably hang onto it. For the lambswool, it's kind of a deal breaker for me, but at the same time the shade of green it's in is literally perfect and it was only $20, so I think I might try hemming it or something and seeing where that gets me. I went back and ordered a merino crew neck in blue, so hopefully that'll fit similarly. Personally, I'm a little disappointed they did away with their cotton offerings. The two shirts I ordered fit really well, though one's going back because I don't care for the color. Pretty satisfied with the other one, though.

                            Not really related to Dappered stuff, but I picked up one of their matching fleece pajama sets and man... so soft! It's probably the thing I'm *most* excited about, with winter this close. Honestly, with how cheap/soft/extremely warm and durable fleece is, sometimes I wonder why people even still use wool, especially premium priced ones like cashmere. It seems like more of a luxury than a legitimately useful item at this point. I wonder if in fifty years, whether all our sweaters won't just be v-neck fleeces. I'd like to see someone try that now - heathered, slim-fitting fleece sweaters. Then again, it's my idea and even I'm not sure I'd bite.



                              I assume you mean polar fleece.

                              It's an ugly fabric, which is why you only see it used for lining and sheets and the like. It's not really any warmer than wool, but it is lighter which is a plus.

                              I like to have my leather goods lined with fleece, but I wouldn't want to wear a sweater made out of it.



                                For those finding the sweaters too long...might I inquire as to how tall you are?

                                I'm short (5'9") but broad (xxl in most things) so I'm wondering if they might be too long on me...

                                Typically I have trouble with Banana Republic stuff being too long.

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