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Uniqlo online store opening on 10/22

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    Yeah I wasn't blown away but I will definitely check back for some basic stuff like dress shirts and some thin sweaters, the prices are solid by me with my college budget haha



      i just bought a bunch of dress shirts and blazers. free shipping + no tax...just 7.00 to return is nothing to try it on

      does anyone have any experience with their belts?



        Have anyone had experience with their coats?

        I've been wanting a Navy overcoat. 90% wool, hopefully slimmer fitting



          Their sport coats look great for the price, at least online. Similar jackets run $250+ from lec or br.

          Definitely better options than gap IMO.



            made it a point to go while in NYC a week ago and now this happens, timing is everything I guess. Wasn't remarkably impressed but like that I can check it out online. Was hoping to get a cheap linen blazer.



              dont snooze on their selvage denim either



                I think it looks like exactly what people have said it would be (and exactly the type of clothes that have been on their website in the past, if you've gone to it). If you guys are "way underwhelmed," I'm struggling to think what your expectations would have been to begin with? Not everyone has a need for Uniqlo, but I think it fills a valuable category admirably well. I'd liken it to a higher quality, much less eccentric H&M. Shit's basic, affordable, and hard to mess up. I'm not sure how anyone could be disappointed by... oxford shirts and v-neck sweaters. It's exactly what it says on the tin!

                I would also point out that fit is a big deal. This is not where Gap was five years ago, because Gap clothes never fit this well for the most part (note that I like a lot of Gap stuff, especially their pants/jeans), and unless you play the sale game, I think they're overpriced. I'm not sure how Gap is any more interesting than Uniqlo in terms of style, either (though admittedly, they go to more trouble to dress up their models, but that shouldn't throw anyone here). These clothes aren't bland, they're basic. The difference is that a basic isn't bland; what you DO with it is. We all give advice to menswear newbies telling them to buy plain white and light blue oxfords, but none of us seem to find these things very boring. I think this is because they can be used in a variety of applications, with varying levels of excitement. Your boring neighbor could wear them, and so could Nick Wooster.

                I gave their website a pretty comprehensive once-over and what I saw was a bunch of stuff that had nearly infinite applications. Well-fitting sweaters and cardigans in a rainbow of colors and multiple choices for materials. An array of denim, from dark to faded, from skinny to straight. A bunch of chinos, corduroys, useful sportcoats and blazers, and some decent looking outerwear (though it looked too big on the models). A large selection of dress and sport shirts in really usable plaids as well as more traditional solids/stripes (not to mention a staggeringly large amount of flannels - gotta admit I don't really get why they need so many). This is the exact same stuff I see people here sometimes salivate over when it comes from Bonobos or J Crew. imo, you shouldn't need stellar presentation to see potential.

                I am a little disappointed that their $10-15 sweaters didn't make it to the online shop, though.



                  Jessy, I would be happy to ship stuff to you in Canada, but I suspect that you don't want to pay the 20% VAT tax premium that I have to pay. Sigh. Hopefully they'll wise up and open a Canadian store soon.

                  Uniqlo's quality is far better than that of H&M, and (here in the UK) Uniqlo is considerably less expensive. I agree with pitseleh. Again. Darn it, this is becoming a trend.

                  For anyone who is considering their sport coats: I am 5'11" or so, 39" chest, 31" waist ~165lbs. A medium sport coat fits me perfectly in the shoulders and chest, but is very short. I posted some pictures in the "WIWT" thread a while back that might be helpful. For comparison: the Uniqlo blazer was 2.2" shorter than my SuitSupply Napoli suit jacket.

                  The medium sweaters are perfect in all respects except for the arms. I wear 34" arms in my shirts, and the medium sweaters are probably 36" long. If I were any shorter I would go with a small.

                  The shirts have tiny little Japanese-style collars.

                  Everything goes on sale regularly. There is a new sale each week. Items on sale are discounted 50-75% so a sport coat selling for $80 today will go on sale for $30-40 within the same season.

                  Hope that helps.



                    I was tempted by the wine colored straight fit jeans ($9) that Joe mentioned. Alas, they're gone in anything I could/would wear.

                    I usually rock a 31w 32l in jeans. How might these jeans fit? I most definitely do not want slim thigh-huggers.



                      Thoughts on the quality and sizing of the light grey Tasmanian wool suit?


                      I am between a 42R and 44R in most slim fit suits. The S,M,L,XL sizing is kind of a drag. I'm 6' 4" 215 lbs. Athletic build. J Crew Factory Slim Shirts in large fit me very well. I have two Kenneth Cole NY Slim Fit suits in 44R and the jackets needed no tailoring. I am also a 44R in Alfani Red Slim Fit and Hugo Boss.



                        Anyone with experience with the $9 pants? The rise appears to extremely low to me.



                          I'll be really interested to see if the in person measurements differ from the measurements posted on their site.

                          Based on some of the measurements posted on their site looks like I won't be buying anything. Their size smalls look too small in the chest and their mediums will be way too big in the chest and arms for me.



                            Weird, the website isn't even loading for me.



                              Uniqlo $5 off $50 code: SHOPNOW

                              expires 11/30/12



                                As an NYC-bound Uniqlo regular, I'd suggest staying away from their blazers and sport coats. The button stances are simply too high and the S,M,L type sizing on any blazer/sport coat is problematic even with tailoring. For comparison's sake, I just got the L.E. donegal blazer new for $142 by waiting out a sale/coupon combo.

                                Things you should look to Uniqlo for:



                                -Chinos, cords and denim (their slim fit styles are superb)

                                -Casual leaning but still versatile button downs