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Uniqlo online store opening on 10/22

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    @bruschetta If you're looking for a thin v-neck merino or cashmere sweater or cardigan, then you're right Uni offers plenty of colors in natural fibers. Beyond that, the few heavy gauge sweater offerings (cardigans, full zip, shawl collar) are mostly blends, offered in few colors and are rather poor quality (buttons are not well stitched, material pills quickly and a bit transparent - wear a white shirt under one of them). They're also rather plain and boring - hence why a lot of folks say Uniqlo is a good basics store.



      The usage of the term "basics" always confused me too, but I've come to basically the same conclusion as Johdus ^. I think it often refers to clothes with a simple/plain design, which can be a basic part of most people's wardrobe, but probably won't be an item that really defines your personal style.



        I'd like to check out the newly opened SF store soon. Their spinning mannequins in the windows had questionable color combos, but I like the linen sport coat I got from them.



          Uniqlo site is down, showing an image saying that the online store is opening soon.



            It seems like a more apt comparison for Uniqlo is H&M, no? Similar price points, 'hip' styles, quality, etc. The Gap is straight up suburban mall prep. Seems like they are going for fairly different audiences, although I could be wrong.



              I am just not getting this shiny down vest/jacket trend at all.



                Guys, the site is up!

                And they don't ship to Canada. Anyone willing to buy me some stuff?



                  Can someone tell me about sizing. I know they run slim. Are they TTS or should I size down?

                  What we do in life echos throughout eternity.



                    My chest measures about 39 inches and I decided to order smalls. Opinions on other sites suggest that they're trimmer than gap or jcrew but a bit larger than american apparel.

                    Just standard shipping so I won't know how thy fit until next week most likely.



                      @Eyerman, Almost all of their items have exact individual measurements under the regular size chart.



                        @Eyerman: Be careful with their shirts and blazers. They have a normal and a slim size. The slim medium is about the same size as the regular small.

                        FWIW, I'm 5'9/155lbs, 37" chest, and wear a small in their oxford shirts and polos. I wear a medium in their slim fit linen blazer.

                        Blazers are close though - I could probably get away with a snug medium or a slightly big medium.



                          @Eyerman - I would not size down. I tried their Tweed Jacket in a Medium (I'm a 40R) and it fit like the Hulk about to pop out of me. I haven't tried much else from there, but I would order your usual size and take it from there.



                            To be honest, I'm way underwhelmed with the stuff they have after seeing the online store.



                              I'm also underwhelmed. Only things I saw that interest me are the linen jacket and their slim chinos.



                                It reminds me of Gap 5 years ago. Bland, very bland.