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Uniqlo online store opening on 10/22

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    Uniqlo online store opening on 10/22


    HOORAY! <3 this place.



      Uniqlo is basically Gap, but cheaper. Some nice stuff, but it's nothing to get excited about.



        I'm only getting excited if they ship to Canada.



          Same as @Lib. Judging by their newsletter subscription (they asked "US or Non-US"), I'm pretty sure they won't ship up here.

          Uniqlo would be great for me since Gap is doing less and less X-Small sized clothes (at least in Canada). I would love to get a few cheap basics (sweaters, oxford shirts) from Uniqlo.



            I think there is plenty to be excited about if you can get a lot of the basics for really fair prices.



              They had a sign on their website yesterday that said the online store would open on 10/22, but now it's changed to opening this Fall. So, wondering if they are running into delays.



                I think there's plenty to be excited about, especially if you've ever been to a Uniqlo store before (the NYC ones are more impressive than the ones in London that I've been to there, because there are obviously fewer in the USA while London has 4-5 within a mile radius).

                It's much more than a Gap - they have up-to-date styles and fits (if you ask me, it's become unfortunately common for us around here to accept that we need to size down in everything and sacrifice length for a slimmer fit - you don't have to do this for Uniqlo because they're built slimmer and more modern). And people keep saying that they're only "good for basics" - ok well, this is true if you want to include within basics the following: sweaters, casual shirts, dress shirts, dress pants, suits, blazers, sports coats, graphic T's, polos, jeans, chinos, shorts, peacoats, overcoats, trench coats, down jackets, bomber jackets, hoodies, slim undershirts, underwear, colored socks, backpacks and messenger bags. If these are all "basics" to you, then yeah, pretty much all they have are basics. What else do you guys want, bridge coats? Jk.

                Of course, their online store will be limited selection at first - but our hope should be that they expand their online inventory to include the items in store (listed above).



                  To me, there are 2 main advantages of Uniqlo over the Gap:

                  1) Uniqlo clothing fits better. They seem to aim for more of a slim-fit across the board, whereas some Gap stuff is slim, but more from doing things like sizing down. Generally speaking, I find that Uniqlo clothing fits me like I want it to, where the Gap tends to fit me poorly;

                  2) Uniqlo clothes are (for the most part) simpler. They don't include flourishes like odd pockets or strangely-textured fabrics or collar tabs like Gap sometimes does. That makes it easier for me to plug pieces into my existing wardrobe;

                  Obviously this is totally subjective. For example, it may just be that my body is closer to Uniqlo's fit model than the Gap's. Someone who falls squarely into one of the Gap's sizes is going to have an easier time.



                    Shomas nails it. Those are two pretty darn big advantages when you think about it.

                    @dappered - I think when people talk about Uniqlo being good for basics what they mean is that you get decent value for the price, but you're closer to minimal acceptable quality than good quality. So the "only good for basics" line is not about the variety of staples they sell but about the kinds of staples you'd want to own from them. This becomes particularly apparent as you consider pieces you typically want higher quality from: their unstructured cotton blazers are more than serviceable because, well, it's an unstructured cotton blazer and it fits well OTR, but their wool sports coats have synthetics mixed in and you can tell the difference in terms of look and feel, imo. Similarly, with their J+ line and higher ticket items you can often get better quality for a comparable price somewhere else.



                      Uniqlo is def not gap. Uniqlo will prob be the most talked about store on this forum once that online store opens.



                        Uniqlo is fine for what it is. The hype just isn't justified.

                        Having shopped extensively at both, here goes.....

                        Where Uniqlo beats the Gap:

                        -sport coats (by a wide margin)

                        -dress shirts (by a wide margin)


                        -regular jeans

                        -underwear (heattech)



                        -overall better prices

                        Where Gap beats Uniqlo:

                        -selvedge jeans (will take a lot of heat, but I prefer Gap fit, and quality seems the same despite Uni's Japanese pedigree)

                        -the new OCBDs (thought Gap really hit this out of the park this season)

                        -sweaters (Uni fine for basic v-neck, Gap with more variety, less synths)

                        -tailored chinos (can't see wearing Uni's to the office)

                        -casual shirts (thought Uni's poplin and flannel are poor quality and boring patterns)




                          I agree with those who compared the quality of Uniqlo's clothing to that of Gap. I also agree that Uniqlo's clothing runs slim. Standard_Deviance summed it up well when he wrote that with Uniqlo "you get decent value for the price, but you're closer to minimal acceptable quality than good quality. So the "only good for basics" line is not about the variety of staples they sell but about the kinds of staples you'd want to own from them."

                          Johdus, Uniqlo may offer a different selection here in the UK; the store has a large range of sweaters in natural fabrics (mostly lambswool and merino wool). In fact, Uniqlo UK sells so many sweaters that they could possibly open a separate sweater store. Every variation on the sweater is available, and each style comes in 5-10 colors.



                            @Johdus, not to get off topic, but can you please comment on the drop (chest to waist) on the GAP OCBDs? On the site it lists that they fall somewhere between the slim fit and regular fit. I'm 6'1", 16.5" neck, 36" sleeve, 42" chest, 35" waist and I'm just trying to figure out which might work the best. I like my shirts to be fitted within a few inches through the body and within about 2 inches through the arms. I'm thinking that the Large Tall might be my best bet given the site standard measurements (neck: 16"-16½" chest: 42"-44" sleeve: 35½").

                            My measurements, for context--> Body Type: Slim/Skinny |​ Weight: 175 lbs | Height: 6'1" | Neck: 16” | Chest: 40” | Waist: 33.5” | Shoulder: 18.75” | Sleeve: 35.5” | Bicep: 12.75” | Wrist: 6.75”



                              thanks for the heads up - but why no LA area store? :[