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Old Hilde game today should be an easy game

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    Old Hilde game today should be an easy game

    Old Hilde game today should be an easy game, discount nfl jerseys,Hoffenheim is a regional league team, though they did a good job in the regional league, but the team's strength than from Allen or a lot worse. Old Hilde put on ice for the team's core Du Yang, old Hildebrand to make a rotation but also to the League on September 22, September 22 was a severe test for Alan, they will have to face now second division ranks second in Mainz.

    "Oh, no, today DU does not appear in the starting scene commentator Paul said with some regret, to know that today, more than 4,000 fans came to the scene of the half came to see Du Yang. Suspicion has been from the beginning of this Oriental kid feel into a curiosity and worship.

    So when you see old Hilde Du Yang on the bench, the scene actually some fans sent boos.

    "Oh, Elsie, look here, the fans have been in love with you." Patted sitting obediently Duyang students sitting on the bench two feet wide shoulders, old Hilde coach said.

    Helpless shrugged, waved, Du Yang said: "No way, I can not stop them to fall in love with me."

    "Ha ha, Elsie, you know, nfl jerseys authentic,you're increasingly narcissistic." Side of the same today as substitute captain Kruska laughed.

    "Thank you ..." Du Yang eyebrows and smiles.

    Bench all through a laugh, this relaxing scene scene commentator Paul see in the eyes.

    "The status of the team is really good, everyone played very easily, is really enjoying the football to be honest, I really do not know what we kicked the first four, but good Du dry stick his arrival to the team injected vitality ...... "omitted here two hundred words, are Paul's words of his best praise, described the degree of listening to the fans shame. Brother, you said it was not Du Yang, Beckham's popularity and Maradona's monster ...

    Paul says in some places but have to say that is correct, "on the 10th - DU certainly will bring us forward."

    Welser Stadium with Hannah Some patted the shoulder of Yiwei La Unfortunately, "Unfortunately, Yiwei La, and today he did not a starter."

    Yiwei La nodded, "ah, do not know the second half, wholesale authentic jerseys , he will not be playing?" Side then said, Yiwei La even side expect LR Allen lost the ball up, because if Hoffenheim played too good, then coach should take him to send up, right?

    Girl's idea is simple, she just wanted to look at the performance of the Du Yang., To know that she can now still a student, have to go to tutoring weekend watching opportunities can be simply very few.

    DU fast playing it!

    PS: send more! Ahem, yes, then tomorrow should burst. As we all know, slag Guo anger Guo engage group of athletic writers, chat group today, by the blow. Pig's head on a rampage, Allen, as always, the Zaibao kicker is also a small explosion, Guo slag due to special reasons, but had already four million words update ... Even traditionally lazy flowers in the explosion.

    This small want to be uncomfortable? Tomorrow outbreak it ~ ~ ~, write the number of pass how everyone votes votes to force the point, give me an outbreak of an excuse, I can use the outbreak to satisfy your appetite!

    23 can not underestimate the small village (medium burst 1/5 to seek votes)...

    PS: Give me an outbreak of an excuse, I can use the outbreak to satisfy your appetite. Moderate burst 1/5! Seeking recommendations, seeking collection! Seeking Click! Various requirements!

    Perhaps the fans expect Duyang desire is too strong, cheap authentic nfl jerseys,and after the beginning of the game, played in the lineup LR Allen even the presence of the surface of a disadvantage. They actually come from Germany's southern league team Hoffenheim Crimping kick ...

    The team from the small village team under the leadership of coach flick, the past few years the strength of the progress that is quite rapidly.

    Game 21 minutes, made the first goal of the small village of Hoffenheim unexpected.