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Land's End dress shirt fit

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  • Lib

    If you have a single shirt that fits properly, then measure it and benchmark shirts against it.

    Better to buy cheaper tents (bean shirts?) that are loose fitting in the sleeve, body, and chest that you can then have tailored, rather than size up in 'tailored fit' shirts that don't fit in the shoulders/sleeve length/neck.

    Just order some stuff and return what doesn't fit.

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  • matt2
    started a topic Land's End dress shirt fit

    Land's End dress shirt fit

    In my quest to find a dependable source of shirts that fit, I've tried several Land's End casual shirts (Tailored Fit L, Regular Fit M, and LEC L) but haven't tried any dress shirts yet. Of the three casual shirts I've tried, the LEC (Guilded Chambray Workshirt) fits best, although the shoulder seams are just a tad low (being a casual shirt, though ,I don't mind since the rest of the shirt fits perfectly). The LE Regular M fits pretty good in the shoulders, but is almost too tight around my midsection and the sleeves are a bit too short. The LE Tailored Fit L fits great around the waist but the shoulder seams are way too low and the sleeves way too baggy. I'm 6'1" with a 16.5 neck, 35 sleeve, 43 chest, and 42-43 waist. Needless to say I have a hard time finding OTR shirts that fit my narrow shoulders while also accommodating my midsection.

    Based on the fit of the LE casual shirts mentioned above, I'm wondering if anyone can offer any insight as to how well the LE 16.5-inch Tailored Fit dress shirts might fit my frame. Since I work in an extremely casual industry I've focused on building up my wardrobe with sport shirts, but I'm finding that there's greater variety of patterns and colors with LE dress shirts so am thinking I should perhaps change my thinking. Plus, dress shirts can be dressed down with the rest of my outfit (jeans, chinos, etc.) but dressed up when necessary, so are ultimately more versatile, correct? Anyway, sorry for the long post but it would be great to have any sage advice from the Dappered community on this topic.