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Wedding shoes for groom

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    Wedding shoes for groom

    I am a 24 year-old CPA in training (and yes, CPA's can dress themselves well and are not all number-crunchers in ill-fitting suits).

    I recently got engaged and my fiance and I decided to get married in May of 2012.

    I am planning on wearing:

    - Indochino 3 piece black suit

    --Notch lapel

    --Two button

    --Side vents

    --Flat front trouser

    - White dress shirt

    --Semi-spread collar

    --French cuffs

    - Grey tie

    --Kent Wang glen plaid

    What my question to you all is, what shoes should I wear?

    I own the Robert Cameron Shooter Cap-toes, which have a great shape, but they are starting to fall apart after about 8 months of wear.

    I would ultimately love to have a pair of slim(ish), closed toe (a must), either cap-toes or wing-tips.

    Looking to spend under $200.


    Hey Dan, welcome, I too am a CPA in training and I am glad to have another well dressed gent to talk numbers with on threads. In terms of shoe, i would suggest Ebay, if your into it. I know Albert has a thread going right now that showcases some shoes on sale there. He will probably be chiming in on this thread at some junction. for about 150, you can get some very gently worn Park Avenues, or the nicely cut slim Feregamos. I would vote against a wingtip (although i praise wings), your outfit seems very formal (a step down from a tux since your going with a notch lapel)caps or plain toe are best way to go here. I suppose you mean balmoral when you refer to closed toe right? So park avenues are your best look. good luck. Also, since your window is wide wait until YE or black friday, i think nordstrom might have another big time sale.

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      Congratulations on getting married! It's a big step in your life and I'm sure you want to look your best on your wedding day. Having said that, I googled those Camerons that you own and those (to put it succinctly) WILL NOT DO!! This is your wedding we're talking about!! I'm all about saving money and all that good stuff, but THIS IS YOUR WEDDING. You have plenty of time before next May, save up and get yourself some quality black balmoral lace-ups that you can tell your kids about because you'll have them for at least 20 years, that is if you get them new or close to new.

      $200 is more than enough money to get you a great pair of shoes that I just described. I would advise against wing tips as this is a formal event. You can totally go captoe with a little brogueing, such as the AE Park Avenue or Fifth Avenue. If you want to save money, get the shoes on eBay or wait for a sale at Nordstroms. They often have semi annual sales in which AE's, Ferragamo's and To Boot NY dip below two bills. Brand doesn't matter too much as long as they're quality and are black bals. Make sure you go to stores and try on the shoes before you buy off eBay. I made this mistake and bought a half size too big when I bought my first black wingtips.

      I'll tell you what. If you want to get some good shoes on the cheap, go to a store and figure out your size. Come back and post on this thread what your sizes in each brand are and I will PERSONALLY find you some top shelf shoes on eBay for under $200. Congrats.



        MaxMan - Us accountants know its good to bounce ideas off of each other, and one thing you said that I would have never thought of is waiting for the sales to come for the holiday season. With all of the planning my fiance and I have been doing, this is something that has been more in the front of my mind than usual. Thanks for the advice.

        Albert - Your assistance in looking on eBay would be more than appreciated. Nordstrom is a site/store that I never really think to shop at much, as their merchandise is usually out of my reach from a monetary standpoint. From past experience, I know I am a 10D in Allen Edmonds, but have no experience with Ferragamo's or TBNY. In most other shoes I own I am also a 10D, although some loafers/boat shoes I have I wear a 9.5D.



          In a reply to my own reply, I was just doing some more research on the topic and found these Magnanni Diego Oxfords on Endless:


          I'm not sure if either of you can vouch for the quality of these shoes, but this is just the shape I am looking for.




            I thought I would be able to find more and chances are I will in the future, but this is all I could find that fit something similar to what you wanted.


            These shoes are in great shape and you can get them at a decent price. Make this guy an offer. The only downside is they are bluchers and not bals.