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Thrifting in Chicago recomendations.

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    Thrifting in Chicago recomendations.

    Title says it all. I'm heading to the windy city for a long weekend starting tomorrow.

    Does anyone have recommendations on places to thrift? Most of my Friday morning/afternoon will be spent solo while friends are at work so I'd like to check out a few places.

    The main pieces I'm looking for are vintage tuxedo, like grey suit, sweaters, and shoes. Mostly professional wear but am open to anything.

    Let me know. Thanks in advance!


    I would say Strange Cargo near Wrigleyville but not sure that will meet your needs. There are so many consignment and thrift stores in different neighborhoods that you're bound to find something.

    It seems that there is not a large Chicago contingency using the forum. Am I wrong (not to thread jack of course)?



      Chicago can be tricky. I would recommend staying away from downtown simply because there isn't a whole lot of choice. The only consignment shop i know of is the goodwill in the west loop (about 1500 w Madison) and you' don't want to be shopping where you feel like you're taking something away from the poor and needy, and that's who will be at that location.

      Doug's recommendation of wrigleyville is good. Stick to the neighborhoods- wicker park, bucktown, and even Logan square might have some good finds. A little east of wrigleyville is boys town/lake view and you may find some interesting places around there.



        Thanks for the info guys.

        I checked out Strange Cargo and a handful of others in the Wrigleyville/Lakeview area. Sadly, none of them had anything that fit my needs.

        I also went to Brown Elephant in Lakeview (although I think it was considered Boys Town), and they had an 1818 Brooks Brothers Tuxedo available. Peak collars, 38 short, looked like new. Asking $80. The sleeves were about 2" too short on me or else it'd be sitting in Cincinnati right now, but maybe one of you guys can snipe it.



          Brown Elephant is good, but they tend to know what they have and price it accordingly. If you ever come back, there is an amazing thrift store in the Uptown neighborhood. I've found several pairs of AEs there in good condition. Their suiting is also great, everything else, not so much.



            Thanks for the info Jeremy. If you ever find any AE's in size 13 and suiting in 38L at the right price and condition at that store, I'd be glad to give you a finders fee for shipping it to Cincy.

            My main pieces I'm looking for right now are:

            - Vintage tuxedo (shawl collar, flat front pants in approximately 31-32x32-33, midnight blue preferred but would settle for black, 1960's or before [ie pre-poly])

            - Light Grey Suit, Navy Suit, and possibly a tan suit. Slim Cut 37-38L.

            - Really any AE's, but especially black Chester wingtips and brown Park Ave's



              @Jeremy B, where is this magical place you speak of in Uptown?



                @Doug. At least for shoes and suits/blazers, it is pretty magical. It's a thrift store, so it will always be hit or miss, but when you hit, you can hit big. I picked up a gray pinstripe Hickey Freeman suit the other week for $12.50. It's on Sheridan just north of Wilson I believe. Go during the week for the good finds, they get pretty picked over by the weekend. These guys dressed in African clothing come in and buy like 50 pairs of shoes at a clip which I presume they sell on ebay.

                @wsup You don't come across the really popular styles like Parks too often, but I did see a pair that was sadly not my size once. Also, saw a pair of beat to hell Strands that wasn't in my size either. I'll keep an eye out for you.



                  that is north for me but it's on the list when I have an off day. Thanks for the suggestion. I've picked over most of the suburban thrift stores from Downers Grove to Aurora to Oak Lawn but haven't lucked into much.



                    Keep this thread alive! I am in Lakeview and have been to strange cargo and brown elephant and found nothing. there is also a thrift shop in Roscoe Village that has a lot of potential, but I was rushed through it - I plan to go back. Village DIscount Outlet, I believe... tons of tweed jackets that I noticed on my way out, and I think I saw a featured trench on one of the walls that looked nice.

                    In addition, I know Joe mentions Army Navy surplus stores. There is one a block from me on Lincoln and Barry and they have all kinds of peacoats, workboots, timex watches, and some nautical sweaters that are legit. I highly recommend giving it a look. The window displays are kind of creepy, but its a cool place.



                      Jeremy I'd definitely appreciate that. I know those AE's are less likely, but would like to find a pair of chesters which seem more likely.

                      I'm most concerned about finding suits that fit. The shoes are just a bonus... hah

                      There's a nice army navy surplus store near my house. I wish they had more accessories, but their peacoat selection is tough to beat especially at the price. I got a nos one from the 60's last month.



                        Fellow Chicagoan here, @Jeremy, do you remember the name of the Uptown thrift store?



                          @Porter. I'll tell you if your shoe size isn't 9.5-10D



                            I wear 13s... hit me with this awesome tip! I need to thrift it up.