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    never heard of this - trying to steal some of indochino's thunder? looks good though



      @spacecamel23 Can't speak for a suit, but I ordered a suit from them and didn't have to pay anything. They use Fedex if I remember correctly.



        Tell us about the Vegas trip when you get the chance.



          @spacecamel: there was zero duty/tax etc took about 3 weeks, I did tell them the intention of the suit and they got it to me 2 days before my trip, so it was almost 3 weeks.

          Regarding my vegas trip with a suit(which lost a day thanks to alaskan air mechanical issues and refusing to hold their last flight). Non stop compliments on the suit/my outfits:


          Purple and white large striped tie in full 3 piece was the older lady saying I looked like a price william(obviously with hair), so the suit must have looked like a damn nice one.

          The teal boutineer(sp) hole got a few compliments for anyone that was on the fence about it, I think Jessy was thinking of it.

          And random people asking my friend where his suit was, and saying they loved the fit of mine and the peak lapels, which I though was them just being nice but realized they were also paying attention.

          I will highly recommend getting a 3 piece for any suit, I used the vest for more casual stuff and also got many compliments about the fit and feel. I did get mine made of the same fabric front and back so that it did look like it was an individual piece but the one night I had about 6 different women walk up and tell me how much they loved it. Friends gf who came down to visit for a day told me to please get him to get a suit like mine and make sure it had a vest(he did however get a BB 1818 for $200 when we went out)

          Also many many smiles from various women at times just making eye contact.

          I am now for sure a suit guy, plan on ordering more in other colours I just felt naked wearing a dress shirt or dress shirt and tie, you can really notice a difference in how people percieve you. I also just felt a lot more confident after seeing how people reacted

          As for actual vegas experience this time and what I did etc:

          if you're single do a pub crawl! I had a hard time trying to execute my mystery man tactics because I kept getting approached and there's some neat places like the one in mandalay bay that's wayyy up and has a balcony. I ended up calming up a fellow Canadian girl that had been ditched by her friend she was staying with, walked her through Vegas strip to various things she never saw danced a little in the middle of sidewalk to LMFAO(I kind of felt like an idiot but it had everyone around smiling and laughing), all part of giving her lessons on being spontaneous;tossed some cash into a slot machine and said hit max bet to which she was really hesitant to do and just random things. Was one of my most fun nights ever actually. I also used to be a negative nancy all the time and I've decided to turn that around and be fun and outgoing...which surprisingly works very well for making people want to be around you, you can be a bad boy without actually being a dickhead.

          Did a tour of downtown...kind of neat..I think the dealer ladies are better looking down there for some reason. Got a limo to take us(2 guy friends, 1 fiance and her two single sisters) back to vegas in style, then got the fiance to go home as she wasn't feeling well so her sisters could go out without mother hen around, it was the ones 21st birthday for cripes sake. Funny thing is they kept coming around and finding me and I finally said "go freaking dance and do stupid SH!T, you're free tonight! I won't just leave"..yeah they had fun, which ruined my fun as a cutie I had met asked me to go with her and her cousin elsewhere but I refused..which karma may reward me for as the one sister got wrecked and was planning on doing something stupid, like giving up her virginity. I had no clue about that until last minute by the other sister asking me to please make sure that didn't happen...good old big brother mode kicked in where I was going to just tell the poor kid(guy she was dancing with) that "I hate to say this but she's not leaving with you in her condition and if you think otherwise I will be outfront waiting for you" So I got stuck waiting until they left and there were a lot of dudes so I had no fun then..oh and one older lady asking me if I was english because of...the suit . But the birthday girl had one hell of a smile and some skip to her step finally when they were going back to their hotel, she finally got to have a limo and party it up without being watched. We were supposed to land at midnight when she turned 21 but we got stuck in seattle that night with the plane issues...lots of tears.

          I did james bond it up in downtown vegas, last bit of cash at black jack I won a few hands in a row and got my initial plus a little extra back..hitting on hands of 15 and 16.

          Tournament of Kings was really fun surprisingly, I was sober and all in to it

          Didn't do a cirque show this round, and was surprised to see Terry Fator still there. Wish we went down for weekend of the 27th...halloween will be nuts!

          Airplane out my last quarter on a slot machine turned into $113