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    Looks really good, I'll have to check out Black Lapel going forward. I'd be curious to see how the suit fits after it has a chance to settle (?) - to where you didn't just take it out of the box and it's still folded/creased from being packed. After a couple of wears I'm sure the fabric will stretch just so slightly and it should fit just a bit better, right?

    And I couldn't help but chuckle at how beat up that box is.



      The button hole is actually a teal/light blue camera sucks and makes it stand out, I figured I'd add a bit of something as its my wedding suit not a business one.... Next year I'll be upping my style more when I pay off my debt



        looks sharp. thumbs up for showing face too.



          I actually like the contrast buttonhole! Did you get the contrast buttonhole at the sleeves too? Hard to tell with the pictures.

          Thinking about getting one myself (purple on a charcoal suit) on my BL suit, when I'll be happy with my weight.



            Yes, inner lining is teal, and cuffs have the 1 accent button hole as well, you can barely see it in the last picture. I had to take them in a hurry as you can see I had my little guy for the night and he made a few appearances in pictures, he wanted "up" with a snotty nose, which lead to a fast change of clothes.

            The one thing I've noticed today is that the slim fit doesn't seem to be french cuff friendly



              Thanks for posting. I could nitpick, but honestly if you're moving around, nobody's going to notice the little non-perfect pieces. That vest is retail online picture perfect--I've never seen a fit that sharp on a real person.

              Go rock it in Vegas.



                Just a correction, the suit is %100 wool the lining has cotton, much happier now.

                I asked about shoulders and was told due to the minimal padding that it follows your natural curves slightly more and I have fairly big traps for my size(at least that's what has been said)



                  "You have to be a particular build to NOT get a little bit of an X at the button, especially in wool suits (thinner material)."

                  Off-the-rack sizing is one thing, but for MTM, there should be no "X". For the first suit, a bit of tailoring. If you order a second, the adjustment should me made, and no X at all. After all, part of the reason for MTM is to get the right fit.



                    Oh I didn't realize these were MTM.



                      The suit's shoulders are a bit wider than your own shoulders, and that's nothing to do with your traps. If a tailor told you that, find a different tailor.

                      It probably wouldn't be cost effective to have the shoulders narrowed on your new suit; that's one thing that's very difficult to change. But if you order a second suit, you might want to decrease the width across the shoulder by a small amount. No more than an inch, I would guess, but a good tailor can measure and get the right number for you to send back to Black Lapel.

                      Of course, you may like the look. Some people do. I prefer not to have the divot under te outer edge of the shoulder pad.



                        @shadow - I just got in my Blank Label French Cuff shirt, and I think I agree with you. Slim arms and wide French cuffs may not mix well.



                          Moe I should ask you, the outside of my shoulder goes past the arm seam, however where it starts rounding is where the suits shoulders sit so maybe a quarter inch off? I did the test of shoulder against wall and everything touched at once. Also my shoulders are held forward due to ligament problems and should be pulled back over time if that would help.

                          Bl are the ones that said due to the slim fit there is more waving, the sleeves are literally my arms, I will try different fits in the future for sure



                            I've seen the same thing time and again with Indochino suits, so I'm going to offer my $0.02 CAD on this:

                            This is a 38s Benjamin suit.

                            This is a 36s in the same cut. Notice the 'divot' beneath the shoulder head.

                            (pics via styleforum)

                            It's the cut of the suit, the construction of the shoulder, padding, and the way that the sleeve head is attached. I don't know how Black Lapel does their measurements, but you are correct when you say that it's not that the shoulders are too wide. If you requested narrower shoulders then the jacket probably wouldn't fit.



                              I will keep an eye on that it I haven't noticed it until I looked at the 1 picture good to know though! I was told that my outfit today made me look like prince William with hair hah, mauve shirt, purple and white stripe tie and vest.



                                Thanks for sharing your experience and photos. I'm also in Canada, and thinking about ordering a BL suit. Can you tell me how it went ordering from CA? How long did it take to get your suit? Did you get hit with any duty, tax, or other hidden costs?